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Runelord Dread
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Thu 13 Aug 2015
at 04:35
As I plan on this being a game we can all sink our teeth in, and knowing that people who understand each other and like each other will play together longer this
 Is where we get to know each other. Pbp is by nature more rewarding for roleplay but easier to get distracted and take offense.

So here goes...names Mike, though a lot of folks call me Sarge, as I was a Sergeant in the army during much of my life. I'm 56. Been gaming since 1975 at the tender age of 15 with the original boxed set of D&D. I sell cars for a living and live in Palm Springs CA. I'm into comic books, history, and nature. My dm style is organized and story driven. For pbp I will bend normal gaming convention regarding combat in the interest of speeding it along,  because I think it's the biggest time sink in pbp.

I like players who understand the innate social contract in pbp that we are here because we love role play and when pvp situations arise, know someone has to realize it's not fun for the group and finds a way for their character to stay true and still make peace. I like players who are organized on their sheet. I'm into players whose characters find ways to impact the game world and make our joint story enjoyable....

I dislike argumentative players, players who look for that one loophole to exploit an advantage.  Players who say "but that's how my character would act" as an excuse for violating the gaming social contract.

I think that's enough from me at the moment...let's get to know each other

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Thu 13 Aug 2015
at 11:44
Re: Introductions...likes...dislikes
Hey there. My name is Mike, as well. I'm 55 and live in Stockton,CA. Currently working for the Sheriff's department in another county. I'm into comic books, military/historical fiction and most things math-related. I've been gaming since about 1977. I started when a friend and I were in line for Star Wars. To pass the time (about 4 hours), my friend ran me through Hommlet, which he happened to have with him after helping me create a 1st-level fighter. I've been hooked ever since.

Tabletop, I'm into AD&D 3.5 (never saw the point of 4.0 and beyond) and the HERO system. Also love board games (the CATAN series, and the Avalon Hills Civilization are my favorites). Been into Pathfinder ever since I joined RPoL (about 6 years ago?)
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Thu 13 Aug 2015
at 14:31
Re: Introductions...likes...dislikes
Hey folks! I'm Chad from very rural Pacific NW USA. I'm a farmer, a welder, a cowboy, a teacher, a coach, a contractor and I wear pretty much any other hat that I need to in order to get by. I'm married and have 1d8-1 kids with the newest version arriving in about a month to round out that die. I run two games here and have been GMing on the tabletop since about 1984. My first exposure to D&D was the redbox version a friend had gotten. None of us had ever seen it played and couldn't make much sense of it for almost a year. After that rocky experience, I found GURPS and ran it all the way through college along with the original White Wolf games. I then ran some Pulpy games using various systems before the OSR stuff really got popular and I once again fell in love with older-style systems. Now I've become a bit of a minimalist running Basic Fantasy and Warrior, Rogue & Mage. I love the AGE system and have dabbled a bit wth 5th edition D&D as well. I also run one-shots for local juvenile delinquents who must be monitored when their foster parents need a break. ;-)

After college, a couple of my smarter and nerdier friends made a few stabs at creating websites like this one and obsidian portal and d20... We all started having families and so those projects always took a back seat. We found ourselves with no time to play and scattered all over the world. We began playing in a Yahoo Groups (painful yes) PbP game which ran for seven years before discovering RPOL. Now I've been here for around 3 years and really like it.

Pathfinder. The system fascinates me. I've yet to get a good shot at it, which is why I'm here. I really want to get a chance to play this system and see what all the love for it is all about. I keep making characters and keep getting into games that fizzle, so I'm excited to have a dedicated GM here and I'm looking forward to learning a lot!

I like roleplaying and leaving the crunch behind the scenes. I like deep characters who even if they drag their feet about it, are still interested in doing good for the sake of doing good. I like great stories and great interactions.

I dislike OOC squabbling. I dislike any "adult" material and heavy profanity as my kids and wife read over my shoulder from time to time and I don't want to be embarrassed by what they might see. I dislike games where the players expect the GM to keep the game moving. That's our job.

All of that out of the way, I'm excited to get to know you all and play together!
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Fri 14 Aug 2015
at 01:30
Re: Introductions...likes...dislikes
Hi Folks,

I'm Bryan, a Canadian expat currently living in New York, NY, and I work as a Senior IT Analyst to pay the bills.  I've been gaming for over 20 years, I've actually lost count and thinking about it more makes me feel old.  I started out with 2nd edition DnD but the groups that were around to play with were pretty selfish and had little patience for someone just starting out, so I don't have too many good memories about DnD.  Other games went much better.  Palladium games (Robotech, Heroes Unlimited, Rifts), West End Star Wars, Mekton, Cyberpunk and Heavy Gear are some of the systems that I've played with.

Pathfinder is what I'm playing currently and I've played the game since the main rulebook came out, mostly in PFS events.  I hit up local cons to play and GM but I haven't really had a chance to play through an adventure path.  I've heard good things about Rise of the Runelords and I'm excited for a chance to play it.
Tanis Riverwind
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Tue 1 Sep 2015
at 22:07
Re: Introductions...likes...dislikes
Hey folks names John 53 years old and like Dread I've been rpging since the early 70's. Not much experience with path finder, or playing on line. So please volunteer help at will, as far as role playing goes I could probably play an epic bar sweeper. I live in Tx. foreman for a  commercial  paint company. I've been dieing for a D&D fix Dread knows me well. I'm in for the long hall when it comes to role playing. Me and Dread were playing on plot hook and they pulled the carpet out from under us

Dread told me the party might need a meet shield, enter one each Barbarian. Now lets find something to slay,
Runelord Dread
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Fri 10 Nov 2017
at 21:03
Re: Introductions...likes...dislikes
Bringing this forward as other threads fall further
Param Tullo
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 Aasimar Cleric
Sat 11 Nov 2017
at 00:33
Re: Introductions...likes...dislikes
Hey there! I never answered this so I thought maybe I should. I am almost 40 and work in advertising in NYC. I rp’d a ton growing up but stopped around college. A few years ago I started listening to a few Star Wars/Game of Thrones podcasts and then heard Critical Hit and a Star Wars rpg podcast and got the RP bug. I have two kids but they are both too young to rp, and life doesn’t allow for time to tabletop game. But RPOL has let me scratch that itch for the last couple of years!

I am glad Dread was able to find a spot for me in this game and am looking forward to the next chapter of this saga!
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Sat 11 Nov 2017
at 01:57
Re: Introductions...likes...dislikes

I've had two kids since I joined this game! Now at 1d10-1... and I'm 43 44 yrs old.

Just thought I'd update.

/me shambles away shaking his head and feeling the passage of time...

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 Shoanti Oracle, 7 posts
Mon 13 Aug 2018
at 22:35
Re: Introductions...likes...dislikes
What the hell, I can dive in here too!

I'm a 39 (not quite 40!!!) year old woman in Canada. I work as a personal fitness trainer and have two small boys, and can't imagine how anyone handles more!!! And apparently I'm the baby in this group, which is GREAT for my self-esteem and mental health as I approach the big milestone birthday.

I totally came at this pathfinder thing the wrong way around. I have been on rpol for years, but started almost entirely in freeform adult contemporary game (don't judge!) I don't think I've ever played a face to face role-playing game apart from maybe looking over some people's shoulders when I was at University a long long time ago (again, don't judge!!!)

One thing led to another and I found myself playing characters who were more and more super-heroic. I'm a sucker for the amazon warrior woman type, so ended up playing a bunch of Wonder Woman or She-hulk clones and found myself drifing into superhero systems. From there I dipped my toe into fifth edition D&D, and then into Pathfinder. It's been fascinating and I love tinkering with the character concepts, often for far too long.

Which is where I'm at with my submission here!!!