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Campaign Overview
Rise of The Runelords was the first Adventure Path created by Paizo after their contract to renew Dungeon Magazine was revoked by Wizards of the Coast. They had created 2 paths in Dungeon prior to the official Adventure Path came to be.

It was originally created for 3.5. Here in the anniversary adventure is the re-imaged version for Pathfinder.

It is broken up into 6 parts and takes place throughout Varisia.

Part I (Burnt Offerings) Coming to The Frontier town of Sandpoint for The Swallowtail Festival, a Holy Day to Desna, the new church is being consecrated and celebrated at the same time...the old one having burnt down in a fire years before, the party soon finds out evil is afoot in The Town of Sandpoint and aid the town in fighting Goblins who have set their sights on the frontier town. [1st-4th]

Part II (The Skinsaw Murders) Investigating several Murders, the party unveils a cult worshipping the Ancient Runelords and head to Maginmar, a major city in Varisia to investigate the cult. [5th-7th]

Part III (The Hook Mountain Massacre) Hearing of the beleaguered garrison at Fort Rannick, the party heads to the town of Turtleback Ferry, only to find indications of the cult here also and head to Fort Rannick to rescue the garrison there. [8th-10th]

Part IV (Fortress of The Stone Giants) Returning home to Sandpoint the party arrives in time to stave off an assault on the town by Giants and head out to stop these Giantish incursions into civilized lands. [11th-13th]

Part V (Sins of The Saviors) Now knowing that The Runelords are reawakening, the party heads to a location tied to their reawakening... [14th-16th]

Part VI (Spires of Xin Shalast) With one of the Runelords released into Xin Shalast, the party moves to stop his manuevers in reconquering his old lands... [17th-18th]

Most know this, but for those that dont and want some kind of assistance in scope of the adventure, here it is.

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