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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 3 - IC MIRC Logs
Log file missing or nonexistent.  Open RPG :P

Group encountered two villages fighting each other - see summary file.
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Sat 5 Sep 2015
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 3 - IC MIRC Logs
Note: Exact date unknown.

This is an OpenRPG file.

(1) GM_Erik: The fighting slowly ceases between the groups, and they stand around in an uneasy standstill
(1) GM_Erik: Vrryl rejoins the scouts, somewhat tired from the ordeal
(1) GM_Erik: Some of the ranks begin walking around and reorganizing
** (3) Vrryl returns to the party after his conference with the 5000. **
** (4) Sophes still thinks we should have killed them **
(1) GM_Erik: The radio activates: KKSKKK, Update on the situation?
(1) GM_Erik: KKSKKK
(4) Sophes: kill them
(3) Vrryl: Situation under control.
(2) Mika_no_Krynn: Who is this?
** (5) Jessica radios back, "We just ran into death, we killed him, no biggie" **
** (5) Jessica transmits 5 seconds later, "Just kidding" **
(1) GM_Erik: The radio call is from Victor
(2) Mika_no_Krynn: Well the conflict is over it seems. We're regrouping now.
** (2) Mika_no_Krynn radios back to Lazlo, "We'll wait for you guys to catch up." **
(3) Vrryl: me radios in, "Well, let:s regroup and figure out a direction."
(1) GM_Erik: After a half an hour, the rest of the group catches up to the scouts. By that time, many ranks of the armies have begun heading home
(4) Sophes: about time
** (2) Mika_no_Krynn sits down on a half vaporized tree stump and awaits the others. **
** (4) Sophes naps **
(2) Mika_no_Krynn: So, looks like we're on the right track.
(3) Vrryl: We have some hours before nightfall. We should continue.
(1) GM_Erik: The group starts heading North towards the site of the battle.
** (3) Vrryl rides upon his horse, resting after his stint as a deity. **
** (2) Mika_no_Krynn scans her surrounding and the combatants. **
** (2) Mika_no_Krynn looks at Sophes quizically, waiting for him to converse with the natives. **
** (4) Sophes activates his eye of knowledge **
(8) Jessica (enter): 20:59
(1) GM_Erik: (before) After the people from the battle look on anxiously with some fright as the group travels through the site, one runs up to Sophes
(5) Jessica (exit): 21:00
(1) the man: Are you traveling northwards?
(4) Sophes the Avenger: yes
(4) Sophes the Avenger: what can you tells us about the the trail north
(4) Sophes the Avenger: ?
(1) the man: Wait here, we'll be back.
** (1) the man runs off into the crowds. **
** (3) Vrryl reins in his horse, and waits patiently. **
(1) GM_Erik: after several minutes, the man comes running back with a group of 6 men.
(1) GM_Erik: two of the men are obviously more ornate than the others.
(1) GM_Erik: These two step forward and ask: Who is the representative of this group?
(4) Sophes the Avenger: what can we do for you?
(1) GM_Erik: These two step forward and ask: Who is the leader of this group?
** (4) Sophes the Avenger points to Vrryl **
** (3) Vrryl looks startled, "huh?" **
(1) GM_Erik: The two men start talking to Vrryl, but he can't quite understand them.
(2) Mika_no_Krynn: "It looks like they want to talk to you Vrryl."
(4) Sophes the Avenger: you're hte vboos
(4) Sophes the Avenger: you're the boss
** (3) Vrryl blinks, "er..what:s he saying?" **
whispering to Sophes the Avenger, They're introducing themselves
whispering to Jessica, They're introducing themselves
(4) Sophes the Avenger: they are introducing themselves
(4) Sophes the Avenger: cast your damn spell
(2) Mika_no_Krynn: "Good things come to those who wait."
** (4) Sophes the Avenger introduces Vrryl **
** (3) Vrryl sighs and charges his tattoo. "My apologies, I could not understand you before. I can now. Greetings." **
(1) Chieftan: We are the chieftans of this area, are you the leader of this group?
(1) Chieftan: We heard you are travelling north, is there some purpose for which you are journeying?
(3) Vrryl: ??
** (2) Mika_no_Krynn stares at Vrryl, increasingly impatiently... **
** (3) Vrryl shrugs, "We have no real leader of the group. We are simply travellers working our way northward towards a great evil." **
(1) GM_Erik: The chieftans converse with eachother
(1) GM_Erik: The chieftans: Your coming has been foretold. We wish to help you any way we can.
** (3) Vrryl raises an eyebrow. "Er..." **
** (3) Vrryl looks back at the party, "They um... say they wish to help us." **
** (4) Sophes the Avenger mutters "That's what people always tell you when they want you to do something bad" **
(2) Mika_no_Krynn: "Well what can they do? Why do they want to help us?"
(1) Chieftan: We do not have much, but we will provide whatever we can.
** (3) Vrryl turns back to the Chieftan, "A thousand thanks. I am not sure what help we need, but let me confer with my comrades." That said, the mage slips off his horse, and motions for a mini conference. **
** (2) Mika_no_Krynn strolls over to where Vrryl stands. "So what do you think?" **
(4) Sophes the Avenger: I say the more the merrier
(2) Mika_no_Krynn: "We could use some more troops, these horsemen have been wearing down our ranks."
(3) Vrryl: Ya, we want to fill our ranks up though with these guys? Squishies don:t have the best survival success when their with us...
(2) Mika_no_Krynn: "True, but they can split the attention of the enemy. Can't hurt if they come along. Plus they probably know the territory quite well."
** (3) Vrryl nods, "Fair enough. How many people do we need, and is their anything else we could ask of them?" **
(8) Jessica: Who knows, they could have a nice suprise... even the squishiest of people can product amazing results in extreme conditions
(8) Jessica: if all else fails they'll save us from a fatal shot or two
(1) GM_Erik: Booting '(4) Sophes the Avenger' from room...
(4) Sophes the Avenger (exit): 21:32
(3) Vrryl: "True."
(2) Mika_no_Krynn: "Well let us see what they can offer. A few able bodies would be nice. I don't think they can offer too much in the way of firepower, but who knows."
(10) Sophes (enter): 21:32
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (10) Sophes...
** (3) Vrryl nods in agreement, and returns to the Chieftans. "Again, we thank you. We are curious, what help are you willing to offer?" **
** (10) Sophes the Avenger nods **
** (2) Mika_no_Krynn nods in agreement with Sophes' nod. **
(1) Chieftan: Let's return to the closer village and discuss matters. But we are willing to offer what supplies we can and possibly some manpower to assist you in your quest
(3) Vrryl: "We thank you greatly. We shall follow to your village. But... we do not wish to mislead you. Our quest is most dangerous..."
(1) GM_Erik: The chieftans indicate for you to follow them, and they begin walking away from the battle.
** (3) Vrryl hops back on his horse. "They want us to follow to their village to discuss details. Objections?" **
** (2) Mika no Krynn shrugs, and begins to follow. "You're the leader." **
(8) Jessica: nope
(8) Jessica: none whatsoever
** (10) Sophes the Avenger follows **
(1) GM_Erik: You follow them through the former battle back towards a village off in the distance.
(1) GM_Erik: You walk past groups of wounded where people are bleeding terribly and others are trying to help them.
(2) Mika no Krynn: "Looks like the aftermath of a drinking party in Vahalla."
(3) Vrryl: "I would chuckle, but it may be misunderstood by the locals."
(10) Sophes the Avenger: looks like the aftermath of me drinking
(10) Sophes the Avenger: [1d20+1] -> [8,1] = (9)
whispering to Vrryl, Most of the people don't look too healthy
** (10) Sophes the Avenger walks on blissfully ignorant **
(3) Vrryl (whispering): like... starving unhealthy?
whispering to Vrryl, some look sick, others look pretty thin
(3) Vrryl: "They:re not looking so good..."
(2) Mika no Krynn: "Who?"
(3) Vrryl: "These people."
(3) Vrryl: "Look at them... they:re starving and sick..."
(8) Jessica: you can only do so much.... in the end everyone dies
(2) Mika no Krynn: "Well they did just conclude a battle. But you're right, they looks pretty grim... must be on the right track."
(3) Vrryl: "Guess so."
** (3) Vrryl slows. "Anyone want to help?" **
** (8) Jessica grins, ""What's in it for me?" **
(10) Sophes the Avenger: well I guess it's sorta on our way. even if it's a long walk
(2) Mika no Krynn: "Well we could set up a triage centre, couldn't hurt our cause.
(3) Vrryl: "I:ll give you a candy."
(2) Mika no Krynn: "So that's what you call it now?"
(3) Vrryl: "It:s what the kids are calling it these days."
(8) Jessica: as long as it's made of pure gold and approximately 31 oz..
(1) GM_Erik: Katrina volunteers to stay behind and help the wounded.
(3) Vrryl: "Its made of dragon flesh, and weighs the same as my fist."
(2) Mika no Krynn: "Perhaps someone should stay behind with Katrina, just in case."
** (3) Vrryl grins affably. **
(10) Sophes the Avenger: I can help her out and handle any trouble
(8) Jessica: Ahh Vrryl, always playing the hero
(2) Mika no Krynn: "Ok, great... it's decided. We'll travel on and you can stay with Kat and tend to the wounded."
(3) Vrryl: "Ya ya, just keeping alive those who can help us."
(1) GM_Erik: a few others stay behind as well.
(1) GM_Erik: The group travels on, and eventually approaches a village made of local materials, fronds, wood, branches, etc.
(1) GM_Erik: Women and small children poke their heads out of the huts to gape at the outsiders
** (1) Mika no Krynn ooks like a monkey. **
** (2) Mika no Krynn looks on in amazement at the marvel of the architecture. **
** (10) Sophes the Avenger heal, heal, heal, watch for trouble. heal, heal, heal **
** (3) Vrryl would gape back, but that might signal the wrong message. **
(1) GM_Erik: Many of the women and children look emaciated.
(3) Vrryl: "They look emaciated."
(1) GM_Erik: The chieftans lead you to a small clearing in the center of the village, and squat down at the edge facing inside.
(1) GM_Erik: They give instructions to other people who walk off and come back with some food in wooden bowls and some water in clay containers.
** (2) Mika no Krynn follows suit and squats down by them. **
** (3) Vrryl does likewise. **
** (3) Vrryl nods his thanks, and accepts a tiny portion of their offer. **
(1) GM_Erik: They nod.
** (2) Mika no Krynn take a small chunk of bread and a healthy drink of water. **
(1) GM_Erik: A Chieftan says: We will provide whatever we can while you are staying here. Is there anything specific you need?
(1) GM_Erik: Mika notices the water is somewhat brown.
(1) GM_Erik: Mika manages to not spit out the foul tasting water.
** (2) Mika no Krynn makes a odd face after downing the water and begins casting a minor spell. **
** (2) Mika no Krynn casts Purification on the food and water. **
(1) GM_Erik: The chieftans look on curiously as Mika casts her spell, and therir eyes open wide when they see the change to the water.
(2) Mika no Krynn: "There we go. Much nicer now."
(3) Vrryl: "Cute trick."
(1) GM_Erik: The chieftans try some of the water after giving first chances to others, they then try some and are very grateful to Mika. They start thanking Mika profusely.
(2) Mika no Krynn: "I'm all about cute..."
(8) Jessica: how little they really know.....
** (2) Mika no Krynn smirks at Vrryl, "See cute works every time." **
(1) GM_Erik: The chieftans offer you 20 of their warriors.
(3) Vrryl: "Thank you for your hospitality, but we must speak business. Time is essential.
** (3) Vrryl gasps, "Twenty! You are too kind." **
(1) Chieftan: It is what we can afford. We have recently acquired less need for warriors.
They will be here shortly.
** (2) Mika no Krynn pokes Vrry, "Ask them if they need any more food or water purified? I'll do it before we set out." **
(1) GM_Erik: After some arrangement, the 20 warriors gather near the clearing.
** (3) Vrryl nods, "My companion wishes to know if you have a water supply you wish cleansed?" **
(1) GM_Erik: It doesn't take too much effort to notice they don't look too healthy. They are better than some of the others, but they still look undernourished.
** (3) Vrryl stands and greets each warrior. **
** (2) Mika no Krynn sets about purifying the food and water supplies of the village as Vrryl looks over the warriors. **
(1) GM_Erik: Mika notices nearly all the food in the village (and there isn't much) is not very clean
** (2) Mika no Krynn goes about diligently cleansing the village's food and water supplies, as meager as they are. **
** (8) Jessica takes a quick nap on top of a hut **
(3) Vrryl: "May I ask... when did your villages begin to suffer so?"
** (10) Sophes the Avenger continues to help katrina and keep and ieye out for trouble **
(1) Chieftan: about one moon ago.
** (3) Vrryl nods. "Did it come to the villages all at once, or take each village one by one?" **
(1) GM_Erik: the Chieftans look at eachother and talk about when it started.
(1) GM_Erik: They are suprised that they both began having similar problems about the same time.
(3) Vrryl: "I understand."
(3) Vrryl: "Would you mind us camping nearby for this night? It is getting late and we must set up camp soon. We have our own supplies, so will not need to take from your shortages."
(1) Chieftan: No, you may stay here. We mean to help you in any way we can.
(3) Vrryl: "Again, our thanks." Bows his head. "You mentioned earlier, that our coming was foretold... how did you mean?"
(1) Chieftan: A powerful god told us the coming was foretold.
(1) Chieftan: A powerful god told us the coming was foretold.
(1) Chieftan: A powerful god foretold the coming.
** (2) Mika no Krynn casts Cleanse on herself after finishing her purification duties and looks for Daniel to settle down for the night. **
(3) Vrryl: "Interesting. Again, our thanks." The mage turrns to the warriors. "We will leave come morning. Please take this time for yourselves. Our mission may be long and perilious. Join only if your hearts are willing."
(1) Chieftan: You are too kind.
(1) Chieftan: We were supposed to help you.
** (8) Jessica rolls off the top of the hut, floats in mid air and slowly flies to a clearing outside of town to setup her tent for the night **
(1) GM_Erik: The next day comes.
** (2) Mika no Krynn packs up in the morning and readies herself to set off. **
(2) Mika no Krynn: "Shall we? Seems like we were heading in the right direction before."
(3) Vrryl: The heroes depart in the morning, 20 units larger than when it arrived.
(1) GM_Erik: The group begins heading North, albeit at a much slower pace.
** (3) Vrryl does normal travelling stuff. **
(1) GM_Erik: a few days go by, progress remains slow, as the terrain gets more hilly, and several of the warriors need to be cured of disease.
(1) GM_Erik: Katrina cures the warriors.
(1) GM_Erik: [1d100] -> [57] = (57)
** (3) Vrryl suggests developing a Famine battle plan. **
(1) GM_Erik: Well, it seems apparent to everyone after a time that they are entering familiar territory, near where they encountered DEATH before. The towns were to the north of their current location.
** (2) Mika no Krynn casts Fly as the Eagle on Sophes. She then teams up with Vrryl as Sophes goes with Jessica to do recon ahead of the team. **
(8) Jessica: come on slowpoke, let's go
** (8) Jessica lifts up and zooms off **
** (10) Sophes the Avenger flys off with jessica **
(10) Sophes the Avenger: [1d20+1] -> [2,1] = (3)
(1) GM_Erik: Vrryl notices what looks like a town ahead about 5-10 miles distant.
(1) GM_Erik: the town looks large enough to have hundreds of people
** (3) Vrryl radios this back. **
(3) Vrryl: "Mika, shall we?"
(2) Mika no Krynn: "Lets go check it out..."
** (2) Mika no Krynn banks off towards the town. **
** (3) Vrryl engages his shrink ring and is reduced to half size. **
(1) GM_Erik: As you approach the town, you see crowds of people lining up.
(1) GM_Erik: like everyone in town is taking part in a mass exodus
** (3) Vrryl radios this arising information back. **
(2) Mika no Krynn: "Hm... what do we have here?"
(2) Mika no Krynn: me approaches the town slowly, trying to take in exactly what the people are doing and how they look.
(1) GM_Erik: You see that there are some overseers to the whole operation, and they look over twice as large as many of the people
(3) Vrryl: "Splugorth??"
(1) GM_Erik: make Demon Monster rolls.
(1) GM_Erik: You see one Alu Demon, and a Tauton overseeing the mass movement of people.
** (2) Mika no Krynn radios the main group, "Looks like we have some lackies of the Pheonix Empire here... an Alu Demon and a Tauton herding up a town." **
(2) Mika no Krynn: "Lets head back and regroup Vrryl, then we'll take these bastards out. Could probably get some info from these guys."
(10) Sophes the Avenger: on my way.
(1) GM_Erik: Victor: Be careful, don't engage them, there may be more.
(3) Vrryl: "Sophes and Jess, how long will it take you to get to our position?"
(1) GM_Erik: 15 minutes
(10) Sophes the Avenger: a week
(8) Jessica: Roger, I'll head on over
(3) Vrryl: "We'll keep observation in the meantime."
(10) Sophes the Avenger: [1d100-78] -> [90,-78] = (12)
(2) Mika no Krynn: "Go in for some close-up recon Vrryl, I'll cover you."
** (3) Vrryl shifts himself into a crow, and swoops down towards the village. **
** (3) Vrryl shifts himself into a buzzard instead)) **
(1) GM_Erik: Vrryl sees one more Alu Demon, one more Tauton, and two Dybbuks with Hell Hounds on leashes.
(1) GM_Erik: They seem to be directing the exodus of people into cargo-style hover vehicles.
** (3) Vrryl flies about village, hopping about the houses. **
** (2) Mika no Krynn awaits the arrival of Jessica and Sophes. **
** (10) Sophes the Avenger flying fast **
** (3) Vrryl gathers the intell, then returns to Mika:s position. He reports his findings to the party via the radio. **
(2) Mika no Krynn: "Well do we want to take these guys out?"
(2) Mika no Krynn: "Six on four... kinda tough."
(10) Sophes the Avenger: we could bring some re-enforcements form the column
(10) Sophes the Avenger: not everybody has to stay there
(2) Mika no Krynn: "True, we could use a couple more guys at least. At least out number them."
(8) Jessica: I don't think that these are good odds for us right now
** (2) Mika no Krynn radios the main group, "Move up to our position guys. Sir Thorpe, Lazlo, and Daniel move at speed and maybe bring a couple of others so we can begin planning an assault strategy." **
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 3 - IC MIRC Logs
Log file missing or nonexistent.  Open RPG :P

Group dealt with demons, though some got away.
GM Erik
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 3 - IC MIRC Logs
Open RPG file Mike found (edited out OCC stuff):
Not complete, but has some of the post-Pestilence adventure

(1) GM_Erik: tautons
(1) GM_Erik: the group saw a town 5-10 miles distant.
(1) GM_Erik: they moved in closer, saw masses of people being herded by giants (demons)
(1) GM_Erik: Vrryl turned into a bizzard, flew around town for 10 minutes and scouted
(1) GM_Erik: determined there were hundreds of people
(1) GM_Erik: total seen were 2 Alu Demons (green) 2 Tautons (purple) and 2 Dybbuks with Hell Hounds (red)
** (3) Mika no Krynn engaes in intense discussion with the group about the best strategy to engage the vile forces in the town. **
(3) Mika no Krynn: "Why don't you go check the town again Vrryl, check their auras. We'll wait for Sir Thorpe and the Crocs to show up."
(1) GM_Erik: 2 zombies (blue) 6 ghouls (orange) 2 possessed (red with x's)
** (2) Vrryl nods, "Fair enough. Be right back." **
(3) Mika no Krynn: "Well, can't you bring us some good news for once?"
** (2) Vrryl shifts himself back into bird form, and rescouts the area. He returns with new information. **
(1) GM_Erik: Thorpe and the 3 large crocodilians arrive
(2) Vrryl: Sure, them.
** (3) Mika no Krynn relays the information to Sir Thorpe and the Crocadilians. **
** (3) Mika no Krynn nods in agreement with the plan, "Right, so lets send Vic and the interception team up north. Move them double-time up and around so they don't draw attention. Then Jess, Sir Thorpe and 2 Crocadilians move up as and act as the interception unit." **
(3) Mika no Krynn: "The rest of us move in from the SE and engage the demons as we see them."
** (3) Mika no Krynn engages in further debate over the latest plan, finally they decide on a simplified plan. Vrryl, Sophes, Jessica, the Crocadilans and Mika will initiate the assault on the demons. With the rest of the group moving to the north to intercept the trucks should they leave. **
** (3) Mika no Krynn begins prowling in quickly into the town until she comes up upon the first enemy. **
** (3) Mika no Krynn sneaks in from behind and plunges her blades into the demon. **
** (4) Sophes the Avenger slams his sword into the meat puppet's shoulder armour leaving a smoldering gash through his armour **
** (3) Mika no Krynn carves her opponent into 3 pieces with her wicked assassin strike. **
** (2) Vrryl watches as the first creature is disposed of in a near efficient manner. But there:s always room for improvement. **
** (3) Mika no Krynn turns her head quickly to observe the recently arrived undead who nearly blasted her in the back. **
** (7) Jessica takes aim from her sniper position, targets the head of the last ghoul that exited the house, and gently squeezes the trigger, causing a nice plasma burn to side of the the ghoul's head **
** (3) Mika no Krynn executes a massive backflip to place her beside the ghoul that blaster her with the pulse rifle a moment before. **
** (3) Mika no Krynn follows through with a quick stroke of her Dwarven Blade and removes the weapon from the Ghoul's hands. **
** (3) Mika no Krynn raises her eyebrows in alarm as the burst from Vrryl's rife sizzle's by, narrowly infront of her. **
** (2) Vrryl blasts one of the rotting zombie twice, placing a nice round hole through it:s chest, subsiquently ending it:s new life as unlife. **
** (7) Jessica squeezes the trigger again in quick succession sending another plasma blast to the head of the ghoul **
** (4) Sophes the Avenger swings a mighty chop to claive the weak ghoul in twain **
** (3) Mika no Krynn thrusts her sword at the Ghoul's face, connecting and carving a disgusting gash of repulsively decayed flesh across his face. **
** (2) Vrryl snap shots the next zombie, removing a large chunk of the creatures body. **
(3) Mika no Krynn: "Wow!" says in surprise as her opponent's head is consumed in plasma.
** (3) Mika no Krynn is impressed with the plasma fire, but continues the fight, spinning around the decapitating the last standing zombie. **
** (7) Jessica shift and sets her sights on the next ghould. She sighs and pulls the trigger, incinerating the s2nd ghoul's head in a massive volley of plasma **
(2) Vrryl: "Good job people. Let:s keep sharp!"
(8) GM_Erik: people are running around wildly trying to get away
** (3) Mika no Krynn begins moving north, towards the trucks, blades at the ready. **
** (3) Mika no Krynn whispers to the rest of the group, "We have company, and he's bringing the dogs." **
** (3) Mika no Krynn nimbly flips to the top of the nearby house to get the drop on the approaching demons. **
(2) Vrryl: "Sophes, take the demon, we'll get the dogs."
** (3) Mika no Krynn leaps down from her perch, disarming the lethally armed demond that had just blasted Sophes. **
** (2) Vrryl summons forth his Yll Tree Climber to assist the combat. **
** (3) Mika no Krynn ignores the dogs nipping at her backside, and slashes her sword across the demon's armored belly. **
** (3) Mika no Krynn folllows through with a second gut strike. **
** (4) Sophes the Avenger picks himself up brushes off the house and charges into battle **
** (4) Sophes the Avenger cuts the smelly dog in half and spits on the coprse of it's master **
** (3) Mika no Krynn attempts to backsweep the remain hell hound, but telegraphs her move too soon and the demon leaps over her kick. **
(4) Sophes the Avenger: hahuh
** (3) Mika no Krynn stands up and looks around smugly. **
** (9) Jessica clicks on her radio, "Hey guys, there's a fire starting on the south east side" **
(2) Vrryl: "So, head westward, and engage on contact?"
** (2) Vrryl looks southward. **
(3) Mika no Krynn: "Sounds good, let's do it."
** (3) Mika no Krynn calls you, "I got the zombies, those Dybbuks got nothing." **
** (9) Jessica clicks on her radio, "2 zombies, and 1 4-armed thingy with 2 puppies to your west. There's fire on all edged of the town. Looks like they mean to burn everyone to death. North group, possible boggie headed your way" **
(2) Vrryl: "er... I hear something..."
(2) Vrryl: "Coming from..."
(3) Mika no Krynn: "I bet you do, can you be more specific?"
** (2) Vrryl points north, "From the north. It sounds kinda big." **
(3) Mika no Krynn: "I got 2 zombies...I'll take them."
** (3) Mika no Krynn sprints in and decapitates the two zombies in a flashy double spinning strike. **
** (3) Mika no Krynn wipes the gore from her blades and takes off after Sophes. **
** (2) Vrryl raises his rifle to take aim. The Yll Tree climber moves to the side to guard for other enemies. **
** (3) Mika no Krynn leaps forward and slahes at the fiend's head with her blades of vengeance, striking mighty blows that shatter the armor of the creature. **
** (2) Vrryl blasts off a round... a GOOD one! **
** (3) Mika no Krynn finishes off the Dybbuk with a solid thrust of her sword to the head. **
** (9) Jessica click on the radio again, They're quickly loading the trucks./ Looks liek thehy're going to make a get away. I'll try to delay them. North team move in when you can" **
** (3) Mika no Krynn clicks her headset, "Roger that. On our way." **
** (9) Jessica says, "I'll try to slow them down if I can" **
** (3) Mika no Krynn begins a quick advance northward, towards the demons' trucks. **
** (2) Vrryl treads along, with his pet alongside. **
(3) Mika no Krynn: "Oooh, I wonder what that was... oh, Jessica I suppose."
(2) Vrryl: "Er... you okay, Jess?"
** (3) Mika no Krynn activates her bracers of deflect and continues her advance north, quickening the pace. **
** (9) Jessica gets blindsided by a large volley of blasts and crashes to the ground, decimating a house in th process. **
** (9) Jessica groans and swears in pain over the radio **
(8) Death: I see you have come to die again. I warned you.
** (8) Death points at Mike and says, "Was killing your husband not enough?" **
** (3) Mika no Krynn smirks, "Hardly, plus you didn't even kill him. You couldn't kill a helpless mortal." **
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