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Character Creation and Request to Join
This thread contains all of the basic rules of conduct and character creation for the game.

Requests to Join: A request to join just needs to be an expression of interest, with a confirmation that you've read the General Rules of Conduct (below).  Also let me know what name you want to use in the game.

Thread Content:

1. General Rules of Conduct
2. Basic Character Creation Rules
3. General Rules Changes
4. Specific Rules Changes
5. Banned Material
6. On Using RPOL
7. Blank Character Sheet

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1. General Rules of Conduct
Most of this is either common sense or common courtesy.  I'm hoping that I won't have to add specific things to this list.

  1. Be courteous to the other players.  There can be some trash-talking in the IC thread, and during the fights, but that should only be between the characters.  Between the players, everyone should keep things civil.  Related to this, if another PC is arguing with your character, don't take it as a personal affront.  Just start making plans to destroy the PC in your next fight.

  2. Have fun, and don't do things to make it no fun for others.  This is a game, and basically anything that happens during a fight isn't going to permanently affect your character, so don't get upset if you lose.  Just try out a fight against a different character, or come up with a different plan of attack and challenge him to a rematch.

  3. Make it interesting.  As an arena, the game is mostly focused on round-by-round fighting, but try to make it interesting.  Try to use good descriptions to make things interesting for people reading the fight, maybe put OOC text in spoilers so it doesn't bog down the thread, and try to use the IC thread for more than just arranging fights.  If we all put some effort in, even a basic slugfest can be good reading.

  4. Don't try to sneak stuff in.  I have tried to think of things that cause problems, and make characters over-powered to the point where it's no fun try to fight them, but I'm sure I've missed some stuff.  If you see something I've missed, or come up with something that fits into this category, just let me know.  Don't try to slip it into the game, and make me ban it after your first fight and have you make a new character.  I don't want to have to do that, and it's a lot of wasted work for you.  If the below is your motto, this game may not work for you.

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2. Basic Character Creation Rules
Below are the basics.  If there's anything essential that I've missed, please let me know.

Starting Level: 50th

Base Stats: 18, 18, 16, 16, 14, 14 (assigned as desired between the stats)

Hit Points: You get maximum hit points per Hit Die.  With the Paragon template (see below), you also get +12 hit points per Hit Die.

Skill Points: You determine your skill points based on your final Intelligence modifier, including boosts from magic items.

Sources Permitted:
  • Official D&D 3.0 and 3.5 WOTC books
  • The most recently published source for a class/feat/item/etc must be used
  • Edition-relevant material from Dragon Magazine
  • Edition-relevant material from the Wizards of the Coast website

Homebrew & 3rd Party Material:
  • 3rd party and homebrew material will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  All such approved material will be listed in the Homebrew and 3rd Party Thread
  • I don’t want to be inundated with requests for 3rd party and homebrew material, so if you can live without it please do.
  • Also be aware, I am more likely to approve something if I can legally include a link to it online, so everyone has access to it.

Starting Gold: 28,000,000 gp
  • See the General Rules Changes section for changes to items allowed and prices

  • Players get 4 feats at 1st level, and 2 feats at every 3rd level, in addition to any bonus feats from class or race.
  • Flaws (from Unearthed Arcana) are not allowed, but you’re getting 4 feats at 1st level already, so it’s kind of like using them.

Optional/Alternate Rules: These are not being used, except as noted on this thread.  A short list of alternate rules being used are:
  • Vow of Poverty (See Specific Rules Changes for specifics)
  • Gestalt rules (See below for specifics)
  • Fractional BAB & Saves (See General Rules Changes for specifics)
  • Action Points (See Specific Rules Changes for specifics)

Gestalt Rules: As listed in Unearthed Arcana, or here, with the following changes:
  • Racial HD and LA only take one side of the gestalt progression, but have to stay on one side (so you couldn’t take a level of Racial HD and LA at the same time).  See the restriction on LA, under Rules Changes.
  • All classes and prestige classes (except banned classes) are allowed, even those which are essentially combo classes already (such as eldritch knight or mystic theurge).
  • Prestige classes can be taken on both sides of the gestalt progression at the same time

Paragon Template: Everyone gets the Paragon template for free (LA +0)
  • Note that the template says to use all the base creature's statistics and special abilities except as noted.  What this means is that all of the bonuses apply to the base creature, without class levels.  This has a few effects.
  • The +13 bonus to special attacks only applies to racial special attacks.  It does not apply to class-based special attacks.
  • The +15 caster level for spell-like abilities only applies to spell-like abilities from your race and/or templates.
  • Your base speed is tripled, and then any speed increases from class are added.
  • The exception to this is that HD gained from class levels still gain the +12 hp/HD.
  • All PCs are CR 50, so the template grants SR 75.

Epic Destinies: Everyone gets an epic destiny.  Check the Homebrew and 3rd Party thread for any homebrew epic destinies which have been approved for use.
  • Note that the Demigod template does not actually grant Divine Rank.
  • Note that you don't need to pay feats, despite what the article says.

Psionics-Magic Transparency: We are using psionics-magic transparency.

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3. General Rules Changes
This section deals with general changes to how the rules normally work.  A lot of these changes are intended to make character review somewhat easier, so it won’t take me as long.  The Specific Rules Changes section deals with changes to specific classes/feats/spells/etc.

Alignment: Alignment restrictions do not apply in this game.  This has a few effects of note.
  • You can take any combination of classes, regardless of the normal alignment requirements.  So, a chaotic evil paladin/monk is no problem
  • You can likewise take feats without regard to normal alignment restrictions, and can use magic items normally restricted to a certain alignment
  • A good PC can cast spells with the Evil descriptor without any negative consequences
  • A PC could be a cleric of whoever they want, regardless of alignment
  • An evil PC could have the Vow of Poverty feat, or any other Exalted feat (though see Vow of Poverty feat under Specific Rules Changes)
  • Also, alignment-based spells do not function normally.  Your opponent is treated as whatever alignment is most beneficial to him (not you).  So, for instance, Holy Word won’t affect your opponent, regardless of his alignment, and a spell that does bonus damage to evil creatures will just deal its base damage to your opponent.
  • Smite Evil/Smite Good is changed to Smite Enemy.  It can be used on any opponent, regardless of their alignment.

Bonus Epic Feats:  Bonus epic feats from class or prestige class progression can be used for any feat, even if the class has a list of feats to choose from.

Cross-Class Skills: For cross-class skills, reviewing this part of the character sheet takes me a lot of time, so I am making a change.  If you have ever had a skill as a class skill from one of your classes, it counts as a class skill for all of your levels, for the purposes of how many skill points it takes to get a rank (and for what the max ranks are).

Multiclassing: There are no XP penalties for multi-classing.

Races and Templates with Level Adjustment: You are limited to LA +10, from race and template(s).

  • There are no longer XP costs for spells.  Rather, they have a GP cost equal to the listed XP cost x5.  So, a Limited Wish (normally 300 XP) would cost 1,500 GP.  All costly material components can be replaced with the equivalent amount of diamond dust, so you don’t need to list the various valuable components being carried.  Just list the total GP value of diamond dust carried.  Or just get the Ignore Material Components feat.

Inherent Bonuses: With the potential interaction of the above spellcasting rule and the Ignore Material Components feat, the Wish spell can’t grant inherent bonuses.  These bonuses can only be gained by buying and using the relevant Manual or Tome.

  • Item crafting is not permitted.  Everything is paid for at market price.  See below for information on custom magic items.
  • All equipment is restored at the end of each fight, including single-use items, charges from wands/staffs/etc, and items destroyed during the fight
  • Due to the change above, single-use and charged items cost 3x the normal price.
  • Wands and staffs can be bought, with 17 charges, at the normal market price for a fully charged wand/staff
  • Although they are technically single-use, this rule does not apply to costly spell components.  I don’t want to have to remember mid-fight to multiply the value of diamond dust being used.

Equipment Pool:
  • If you want some flexibility in your equipment, you can put a certain amount of money in an equipment pool.  At the beginning of each fight, a PC can choose extra equipment equal to 25% of the amount of money put in the equipment pool.  So, if you spend 40 million gp and put 10 million gp in the equipment pool, at the start of each fight you can choose 2.5 million gp worth of equipment to use for that fight.
  • Items from the equipment pool can include new enchantments to an existing weapon/armor/item, which will only apply for the current fight.  Bear in mind that added effects on magic items will have a +50% market price increase, per the standard rules for multiple powers in a single item.

Custom Magic Items:
  • Custom magic items are allowed, but I need them to be in the format below so I can review them and verify the correct market price more easily.
  • Custom magic items which are simply a combination or existing items, and/or which have common effects (MIC) added to existing items, are not an issue and will not need prior approval.
  • Custom magic items built using the recommended prices formulas, or requiring ad hoc pricing, need to be submitted and approved prior to submitting a complete character sheet.  This is for your benefit as much as mine, so you don’t build a character around an item I then say you can’t have.
  • Custom item powers requiring ad hoc pricing will frequently be posted for player discussion, to see what people think the price should be.  This will result in most people being aware someone has an item with that ability.
  • Custom magic items cannot use the restrictions for class/race/alignment/etc to reduce the market price.
  • For spells which give a bonus to some statistic (such as +5 to Will saves, or to melee damage, etc), custom magic items giving a constant spell effect cannot be created using the formula for continuous spells.
  • The maximum caster level for items is 50.  So, you can't buy a staff with a caster level 200, or something like that.
  • Per the standard rules for magic items, for multiple effects in a single item, all effects except the most expensive one cost +50% the listed market price.  Likewise, having an item in the wrong body slot has a +50% cost.  For the purposes of this game, that applies to any item that will change body slots.  These added costs stack, so adding the powers of a ring of invisibility to an existing cloak of displacement would cost 40,000 gp (200% of the normal 20,000 gp market price).

Submitting Custom Magic Items for Review
  • When submitting custom magic items, using the format below, just list the normal market price.  I will add these cost increases as part of my review.
  • Format for submitting custom magic items for review, and for including at the bottom of your character sheet.  See the sample character for an example.

      Item Type: Item Name
      Existing Items (same slot)
         GP Value   Item Name   (Book, page)
      Existing Items (different slot)
         GP Value   Item Name   (Book, page)
      Common Effects
         GP Value   Effect   (MIC, )
      Formula Effects
         GP Value   Effect   (Formula)
      Custom Effects

Duels and Going it Alone
  • The general intent is that the fights in the arena will be duels.  Some may use unconventional means, but overall they should be fights between two characters, not between their companions.  A number of things have unfortunately been banned in order to ensure that this is the case.  A short list is provided below, and everything is listed in the banned thread.  If something is not listed, but violates the principle of a duel, I probably just didn’t think of it.  Feel free to bring it to my attention.
  • Some additional detail on this is listed in the About the Fights thread.

Banned stuff related to the above rule:
  • Cohorts, followers, thralls, minions
  • Leadership feat
  • Animal companions, familiars, special mounts
  • Fission psionic power
  • Simulacrum, Ice Assassin and Body Outside Body spells
  • Gate spell
  • Constructs
  • Undead
  • Most summoning spells will still be allowed.  If it becomes a problem, there will be restrictions added to this provision.

Fractional BAB & Saves: We will be using Fractional BAB & Saves, with the adjustment that the +2.5 bonus for your first level in a class with a good save progression can only be gained once for each of the three saving throws.
  • So, if your first level was Monk/Fighter, your base save bonuses are +2.5/+2.5/+2.5.  If you then take a level in Rogue/Fighter, your base save bonuses increase by +0.5/+0.5/+0.33
  • For those not familiar with fractional BAB/saves, at each level your character gains the fractional equivalent of the normal BAB/save progression for your classes.  So, a fighter would gain +1 BAB, a monk would gain +0.75 BAB and a wizard would gain +0.5 BAB.  For saves, there are two progressions, good and bad.  Good progressions gain +0.5 to the save at each level, and bad progressions gain +0.33 at each level, with good progressions getting +2.5 at 1st level (though see above restriction on getting the +2.5 multiple times when multiclassing.  An example is below. Note that, with gestalt, you would take the better progression in each category.

       Class                 BAB    Fort    Ref    Will
       Fighter/Rogue         +1     +2.5   +2.5   +0.33
       Fighter/Wizard        +1     +0.5   +0.33  +2.5
       Monk/Wizard           +0.75  +0.5   +0.5   +0.5

Epic BAB & Saves: We will not be using the standard epic progression for BAB and saves.  Characters will instead use the progression for the classes they are actually taking levels in.
  • Your BAB at 20th level will still determine your number of attacks per round.  So, a 45th level Rogue would have a BAB +33, but would only get 3 attacks on a full-attack action.
  • For epic prestige classes, which don’t list a BAB/save progression, check the Homebrew material thread

Action Economy: No matter how much finagling of time you manage, you cannot take more than two rounds worth of actions in a single round.  Time spent in Time Stop or Temporal Acceleration doesn’t count toward this limit.

X Stat to Y Bonus: You cannot apply the same stat to something more than once.  The only exception is if you have an ability which by itself applies a stat modifier to something twice.

Combo Feats: These are feats which let levels in X class and Y class stack for the purposes of Z class ability.  They are mostly found in Complete Adventurer and Complete Scoundrel.  Examples include Master Spellthief (CS), White Raven Tactics (ToB) and Ascetic Stalker (CS).  The total resulting level for these feats is capped at 50.  These feats weren’t built with gestalt in mind, so I felt the need to add this rule.

Class Abilities Targeting Allies: Any class abilities which say they affect allies will also affect you.

Fast Healing and Regeneration: The rate of fast healing and regeneration is 5x normal.  Also, if you have Regeneration, you can’t be immune to non-lethal damage.
  • So, everyone will start with Fast Healing 100, from the Paragon Template, and taking the Fast Healing epic feat will boost that by 15 each time it is taken.

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4. Specific Rules Changes
This section deals with changes to specific classes, feats, spells, etc.


Vow of Poverty: In epic levels, you need to also take the Epic Vow of Poverty feat, to gain benefits beyond what is listed in the Book of Exalted Deeds.  Epic Vow of Poverty benefits are listed on the link, with the exception that Divine Rank 0 is not gained, and once you get into epic you no longer get bonus feats from Vow of Poverty.
  • Exalted Warrior grants you full BAB +50/+45/+40/+35
  • Pre-Epic, the below feats are added to the list of exalted feats that can be taken as bonus VoP feats: Improved Toughness, Roll with It (SS, pre-req Improved Toughness, gain DR 2/-, which stacks with any other DR), Combat Casting, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Eschew Materials, Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Skill Focus.

Action Points: Action points are being used, and work as listed in Unearthed Arcana.  In addition to the uses listed, Action Points will also be used to power certain Homebrew epic feats, which duplicate Epic Spells.  The number of Action Points is changing as well.  At level 50, all players will have 12 action points.  These are restored after each fight, as opposed to upon leveling up, which is why you get a smaller number to work with.

Epic Spellcasting:
  • Epic Spellcasting, as outlined in the Epic Level Handbook, will not be used.  Rather, special epic feats will be available to the players (see the Homebrew material thread), and will be powered using Action Points.
  • I have posted a few epic spell feats, covering common epic spells.  If players want to suggest new epic spell feats, they can do so in the game development thread.
  • The reason for this change is that I want to allow access to epic spells to players who don’t want to make spellcasters, I don’t want a lot of shenanigans with epic spellcasting, and I want everyone to know what epic spells are out there and could be used against them.

Races & Templates

Necropolitan template (LM): This has an LA +1.  There are no other requirements (such as the rite listed) to take the template.

Bloodlines (UA): Bloodline levels are added to class levels to calculate class abilities.  These levels can only be added to the calculation of each class ability once, no matter what.

Classes & Class Abilities

Tainted Scholar PRC (HoH): This prestige class has the following changes, due to not using the Taint rules in the game.
  • Tainted Spellcasting: Deleted.  Use original casting stat.
  • Secrets: Use class level +casting stat to determine which secret can be taken each level
  • Secret - Wholesome Corruption: Deleted.
  • Secret - Tainted Knowledge: With this secret, you can choose any one non-epic feat

Crystal Master PRC (Web): This prestige class has the following changes, due to not allowing psicrystals in the game.
  • You still need to take the listed pre-requisite feats
  • You now gain manifesting progression at each level

Swordsage (ToB):
  • Discipline Focus (Weapon Focus): This does not actually grant the Weapon Focus feat in any weapons, but instead gives the benefits of the feat.
  • AC Bonus: This bonus (Wisdom modifier to AC) applies if you are either unarmored or wearing light armor.

Iaijutsu Master (OA): The Strike from the Void ability is revised.  Charisma modifier is added once, to the total bonus iaijutsu damage, not to each damage die.

Smite Evil / Smite Good class ability: These abilities are changed to Smite Enemy, and can affect any opponent, regardless of their alignment.


Master Spellthief feat (CS): This is a combo feat, so per the related General Rule Change, the effective spellthief level / caster level from this feat caps out at 50.

White Raven Tactics feat (ToB): See General Rule on Combo Feats

Tainted Feats (HoH): None of these feats will be used, since they are based around the Taint rules, which are not being used.

Spells & Powers

Spellmantle spell (BoED): This spell continues to protect against non-magical weapons (though natural attacks and unarmed attacks are unaffected), but against magic weapons the effect of the spell can only grant a saving throw to reduce damage three times during the spell's duration.

Heroics spell: You can only have one application of this spell active at a time.

Arrowsplit spell: You can only cast this spell on non-magical masterwork arrows or bolts.

Embrace the Dark Chaos / Shun the Dark Chaos spells: These spells can't be used on feats gained from items or magical locations, or on armor/shield/weapon proficiencies.

Time Stop and Temporal Acceleration: A couple clarifications for people using these.
  • Summoned creatures, even those summoned during the time stop/TA, are frozen and can't be targeted by spells.
  • If your opponent has Spell Stowaway (Time Stop/TA) you will act simultaneously, and can interact with each other, just as if at normal speed.

Schism power: This power is allowed, but the actions of your schismed brain count toward the limit on actions per round.

Magic Items

Spellmantle Cloak (BoED): See the entry for the Spellmantle spell, above, for changes to this magic item.

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5. Banned Material
Below is the list of currently banned stuff.  It is grouped by category.  This list is not exhaustive, and could grow in the future.  If you're making your character, and are considering something questionable, you should probably check first, to make sure it's not going to wind up getting banned once you submit your character sheet.

Note: For feats and prestige classes which list a banned feat (or other banned item) as a pre-req, the pre-req is removed.

Races, Monsters & Templates:
  • Tauric template (Savage Species)
  • Symbiont template (Savage Species)
  • Dvati race (Dragon Mag, Dragon Compendium)

Classes/Prestige Classes:
  • Beholder Mage PRC (Lords of Madness)
  • Cosmic Descryer PRC (Epic Level Handbook)
  • Erudite Spell-to-Power variant (Online)
  • Frenzied Berserker PRC (Complete Warrior)
  • Hulking Hurler PRC (Complete Warrior)
  • Illithid Savant PRC (Savage Species)
  • Metamind PRC (Expanded Psionics Handbook)
  • Planar Shepherd PRC (Faiths of Eberron)
  • War Hulk PRC (Miniatures Handbook)

  • Epic Spellcasting (Epic Level Handbook)
  • Pain Mastery (Savage Species)
  • Trickery Devotion (Complete Champion)
  • Lady's Gambit (DR317)
  • Item creation feats

  • Anticipate Teleportation, Greater (SpC)
  • Body Outside Body (Complete Arcane)
  • Consumptive Field/Greater Consumptive Field spell (Complete Divine)
  • Delay Death spell (Spell Compendium)
  • Disjunction spell (Player’s Handbook)
  • Fission psionic power (Expanded Psionics Handbook)
  • Ice Assassin (Frostburn)
  • Simulacrum spell (Player’s Handbook)
  • Time Regression power (XPH), Not actually banned, but limited to only once per fight
  • Unfettered Heroism spell (Races of Eberron)
  • Wraithstrike spell (Spell Compendium)
  • Acorn of Far Travel (WoTC website)
  • Sadism spell (BoVD)
  • Masochism spell (BoVD)

Other Stuff:
  • Cohorts, followers, thralls, minions, etc
  • Animal companions, special mounts, familiars, psicrystals, etc
  • Constructs or Undead as companions (players can still potentially play PCs of the Construct or Undead type)
  • Symbionts
  • Strongholds (Stronghold Builders Guidebook)
  • Pledging yourself to an Elder Evil, to get bonus feats, is not permitted.

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6. On Using RPOL
Character Sheets: All character sheets will be hidden (visible only for it's player).  Once the character sheet is approved in final form, they will also be locked, so only the GM can make changes.

Dice Roller: If you don't know how to use RPOL's Dice Roller, you can read the Help page about it here.  You should also do some practice rolls before your first fight to make sure you are comfortable with it.

How Do I?
There are a number of formatting options for text in your posts.  If you want to learn the codes to use, there is a summary here.  A lot of these also have buttons along the bottom of the posting screen, so you don't need to remember the coding.

Remember not to go crazy with these.  For in-character posts, I usually use black for normal descriptive text, a selected color (blue, in my case) for speech, and orange for OOC comments.  I seldom use the other options, except italics, which I use if I'm posting something my character is thinking.

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7. Blank Character Sheet
As much as possible, when filling out your character sheet, the source for everything (race, class, feat, spell, magic item) needs to be noted in parenthesis after it.  A list of abbreviations to use for the various books can be found here.  I need this so I can review the character sheets without having to track down where a given feat comes from.

Character Name:
Race (Templates):

Gestalt Side 1      / Gestalt Side 2 /   BAB /  Fort /   Ref /  Will /  Base Skill Points
Racial HD 10        / Class-A 10     /  xxxx /  xxxx /  xxxx /  xxxx /  xx
Racial LA 10        / Class-B 10     /  xxxx /  xxxx /  xxxx /  xxxx /  xx
Class-C 30          / Class-B 30     /  xxxx /  xxxx /  xxxx /  xxxx /  xx
Totals                                  xxxx /  xxxx /  xxxx /  xxxx / xxx

Class Levels: Class-A 10 (SRD), Class-B 40 (CW), Class-C 30 (Mini), etc

Str xx (+xx) (xx Base +xx racial +x inherent etc)

Hit Points: xxxx hp (xd4 +xd6 +xd8 +xxx (Con))

AC xx (10 base +xx Dex +x natural)
Touch xx, Flat xx
Other Modifiers to AC:

Init +xx (+xx Dex)
Speed xx ft, Fly xx ft (Good)
BAB +xx, Grap +xx

Fort +xx (+xx base +xx Con +xx resistance (cloak)

melee  +xx/+xx/+xx/+xx   1d6+xx   19-20/x2
melee/melee  +xx/+xx/+xx/+xx   1d6+xx/1d6+xx   19-20/x2

Attack bonus: xx BAB +xx Str +x enhancement
Damage bonus: +xx Str +x enhancement
Combat Notes:

Skills: xxx (xxx base +xx Int +xx human)
+ xx  Appraise (Int) (xx +xx cc +xx Int +xx Comp)
+  Autohypnosis (Wis)
+  Balance (Dex)
+  Bluff (Cha)
+  Climb (Str)
+  Concentration (Con)
+  Craft (xxx) (Int)
+  Decipher Script (Int)
+  Diplomacy (Cha)
+  Disable Device (Int)
+  Disguise (Cha)
+  Escape Artist (Dex)
+  Forgery (Int)
+  Gather Information (Cha)
+  Handle Animal (Cha)
+  Heal (Wis)
+  Hide (Dex)
+  Intimidate (Cha)
+  Jump (Str)
+  Knowledge (Arcana) (Int)
+  Knowledge (Architecture) (Int)
+  Knowledge (Dungeoneering) (Int)
+  Knowledge (History) (Int)
+  Knowledge (Local) (Int)
+  Knowledge (Nature) (Int)
+  Knowledge (Nobility) (Int)
+  Knowledge (Psionics) (Int)
+  Knowledge (Religion) (Int)
+  Knowledge (The Planes) (Int)
+  Listen (Wis)
+  Martial Lore (Int)
+  Move Silently (Dex)
+  Open Lock (Dex)
+  Perform (xxxx) (Cha)
+  Profession (Wis)
+  Psicraft (Int)
+  Ride (Dex)
+  Search (Int)
+  Sense Motive (Wis)
+  Sleight Of Hand (Dex)
   Speak Language (None)
+  Spellcraft (Int)
+  Spot (Wis)
+  Survival (Wis)
+  Swim (Str)
+  Tumble (Dex)
+  Use Magic Device (Cha)
+  Use Psionic Device (Cha)
+  Use Rope (Dex)

 1 HD
 1 HD
 1 HD     Improved Initiative (SRD)
 1 HD
 3 HD
 3 HD
 4 Ftr1   Power Attack (SRD)
 6 HD
 6 HD
 9 HD
 9 HD
12 HD
12 HD
15 HD
15 HD
18 HD
18 HD
 ### Epic Threshold ###
21 HD
21 HD
24 HD
24 HD
27 HD
27 HD
30 HD
30 HD
33 HD
33 HD
36 HD
36 HD
39 HD
39 HD
42 HD
42 HD
45 HD
45 HD
48 HD
48 HD

Racial Traits:
Base Race
-brief summary
-brief summary

Template 1
-brief summary
-brief summary

Template 2
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Class Abilities:
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Class-A spellcasting
Caster level:
Spells Per Day (with bonus from stat xx):
Spell Save DC: xx +spell level (10 Base +xx stat)

Spells Known
spell (source)
spell (source)


Spells Prepared:


Magical Weapons & Armor:

Weapons & Armor:
xxxxx Weapon 1
xxxxx Weapon 2
xxxxx Armor
xxxxx Total cost

Used Items:

  Total cost

Body Slots
  Ring #1:
  Ring #2:
  Total cost

Other Magical Equipment:
xxxx  Total cost

Non-Magical Equipment:
xxxx  Total cost

Other Expenses:
xxxx  Total cost

Total Expenses:
  Weapons & Armor
  Used Items
  Body Slots
  Other Equipment
  Non-Magical Equipment
  Other Expenses
  Grand Total

Custom Magic Items: (these items are still listed above, but are detailed here, so the GMs can see the breakdown in price)

Money Remaining:  28,000,000 gp

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