Fight Requests.   Posted by Wanderer.Group: 0
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Mon 24 Aug 2015
at 19:33
Fight Requests
Here you will post requests for the GM to set-up new fight threads.  Fights should be arranged between PCs in the Between Fights (IC Discussion) thread.
Thaddeous Bach
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Wed 30 Sep 2015
at 19:13
Fight Requests
In reply to Wanderer (msg # 1):

When you get a chance could you set Nineda and myself up with a fight thread.  Details are:

Standard Fight
3 prep rounds
Chapel of the Phoenix (we will start at opposite corners).

There is a minor question regarding the pillars in that room.  It says in one sentence they go to the ceiling, then in a second that they're 10' high.

Can you clarify if the pillars go to the ceiling and are 10 feet wide?  Or if they are indeed 10' high.

Did I forget anything?
 GM, 49 posts
Wed 30 Sep 2015
at 19:54
Fight Requests
Fight is posted.  I updated the map to provide clarification on the columns and the starting positions.  On starting positions, although the ceiling is 60 feet high, you are required to stay within 5 feet of the ground during your preps.