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Sat 29 Aug 2015
at 15:38
Important Updates
Here I will post anything of note for the game.

If I will be away for an extended period, I will mention it here.

Newly approved PCs will be announced here.

Any updates to the rules, including any newly approved homebrew or 3rd party material, will be announced here.

New fights, and winners of fights, may be announced here.  I'm still debating this, as I don't want to bog down this thread too much.
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Wed 2 Sep 2015
at 13:55
Important Updates
Added explanation and example of fractional BAB/saves.
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Sat 5 Sep 2015
at 14:31
Important Updates
I will be camping over this three day weekend (leaving in about an hour), so I will not be responding to posts or completing reviews until Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Feel free to talk in the OOC, or work on your characters.
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Thu 10 Sep 2015
at 14:00
Important Updates
Below is a list of updates made over the last couple days:

  • Added homebrew epic spell feats.  Taking one of these feats grants you an ability similar to an epic spell, with usage limits based on your amount of action points available.  Everyone please take a look, and post to the Rules Discussion if you think these seem balanced, and the action point costs seem balanced.  I made these up for this game, so they have not been play-tested at all.
  • Updated paragon template to clarify that bonuses and speed increases are applied to your base abilities and speed, from your race/templates.  Class abilities do not benefit.
  • Updated blank character sheet post with a link to a list of abbreviations, as located by Merle.
  • Added clarification to the banned items list, that feats and classes which list a pre-req of a banned feat can ignore that pre-requisite.
  • Added note to Disqualification rule (in About the Fights thread), that all planes have normal time.  So, it is always two rounds to return before disqualification, regardless of the plane you get sent to.
  • Added Dvati race (Dragon Magazine) and Trickery Devotion feat (Complete Champion) to banned list, due to the Going It Alone general rule.

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Thu 17 Sep 2015
at 15:52
Important Updates
Below is a list of updates made:

  • Added clarification that we are using psionics/magic transparency
  • Added clarification that the Exalted warrior ability, from epic Vow of Poverty, grants full BAB +50/+45/+40/+35
  • Added extra feat options for bonus feats from non-epic Vow of Poverty
  • Added ruling for the Heroics spell, under Specific Rules Changes.
  • Added ruling for the Arrowsplit spell, under Specific Rules Changes.
  • Added ruling for Embrace the Dark Chaos/Shun the Dark Chaos spells, under Specific Rules Changes.
  • Added ruling for the Time Stop/Temporal Acceleration spell/power, under Specific Rules Changes.
  • Added ruling for Schism power, under Specific Rules Changes.
  • Added rule for custom magic items, limiting the maximum caster level to 50.
  • Added clarification to the Paragon template  that all PCs are CR 50, and the template gives them SR 75.
  • Added exception to the X Stat to Y Bonus rule, for abilities which by themselves apply a stat more than once.
  • Added clarification to the fight rules, about what information will be available to opponents before a fight.
  • Added clarification to the fight rules, about allowed Actions Before the Fight.
  • Added clarification to the fight rules, that PCs are always assumed to be natives to the plane the fight takes place on.
  • Added Acorn of Far Travel spell to the banned list.

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Mon 21 Sep 2015
at 17:24
Important Updates
We now have two approved characters!  Thaddeus Bach is our second approved PC.

Also, people have been having some problems with how to show things on the character sheets, what needs a reference, what numbers need a breakdown of what is being included, etc.  So, I will be creating and posting a full sample character sheet this week, to show how things should ideally look.  Related to this, over the next couple weeks there will likely be a few NPCs created, which will be available for fights.  This will hopefully help people find an opponent until there are enough approved PCs.
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Wed 14 Oct 2015
at 06:45
Important Updates
Below is a list of recent updates:

  • Banned - Sadism spell (BoVD)
  • Banned - Masochism spell (BoVD)
  • Banned - Lady's Gambit feat (DR317)

All of these were banned for similar reasons.  They give a bonus to attack rolls based on how much damage you deal or take.  These are similar to previously banned things such as the Pain Mastery feat (SS) and the Cosmic Descryer (ELH)(due to its Cosmic Connection ability), which also don't work well at this level.

  • Banned - Added pledging to an Elder Evil (EE), as being banned.
  • Specific Rules Changes - Re-ordered to organize by category.
  • Specific Rules Changes - Added clarification for Bloodlines (UA)
  • Specific Rules Changes - Added clarification for Swordsage class (ToB)
  • Homebrew - Added Dabbler class
  • Homebrew - Added Penetrate Energy Immunity feat
  • Homebrew - Added Hit Them Where It Hurts feat
  • Homebrew - Added Sublime Master epic destiny

To Do List:
  • I still need to get a few NPCs written up, for players to fight.
  • Need to write up and post rewards for wins/losses.
  • Need to post monsters that can summoned using Summon Monster X epic feat (Homebrew).
  • Need to post a few more fight maps.

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Sun 31 Jan 2016
at 03:12
Important Updates
OK, Thrainkell has agreed to help out as a co-GM for the game.  Hopefully this will allow us to get the game updated with rulings from the Rules Discussion thread, catch up on a few things I haven't gotten around to,  and generally speed some things up a bit.
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Tue 4 Apr 2017
at 22:00
Important Updates
As information for anyone still reading this game, I unfortunately became overwhelmed with RL issues and disappeared.  It doesn't look like this is likely to change, but if players are still interested in this game, I am fine with transferring the game ownership to a new GM (or advertising for a new DM).