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Character Creation
Campaign Canon: LA History

Since a lot of what happened between 1999 and 2016 has been left up to the individual storyteller to decide what happened and what did not, here's our campaign's Canon as it is known to Technocracy personell.

Dimensional Anomaly
A Dimensional Anomaly disrupted access to Horizon Constructs and Colonies, cut the Front Lines off from the Inner Circle, gutted the ranks of the Void Engineers, and brought many Earthbound Technocrats face to face with the frailties of their own practices.

The catastrophe changed the Unionís tactics, priorities, and resources. Many Constructs remained operational but they worked on a more individual basis, adopting this policy when Control went offline for a decade, with the Symposium leaders largely dictating policies. After a brief intensified Pogrom both sides of the Ascension War dug in for a Cold War, focusing on regaining strength while combatting an increase in Marauder and Nephandic activity. The increased religious fanaticism that underlines much of the modern day's world politics is considered by some a paradox backlash building up on acount of the previous generation of Technocrats pushing too hard for control too early.

The Colonies have suffered tremendous losses but are recovering and rebuilding slowly. Some however have fallen victim to the Dimensional Anomaly in horrendous ways, leaving no one truly alive. Not in a recognizable form anyway. The Void Engineers have become decidedly more militant in recent years. The process of recovering lost constructs and colonies is still ongoing. If you are a Void engineer you've heard rumors of Threat Null. You've been told to keep your mouth shut to unauthorized personell.

Autochtonia Has Fallen
The Machine God is dead. Or so it is said. Its voice was cut off when the Dimensional Anomaly broke its connection to the earthbound Iteration x'ers. In the process Iteration X shows a more humane side than it has in the past. Some in the Convention worry the Machine God will return, cherishing their new-found independance.

Financial Crises

The Syndicate had a couple of tough years with failing manipulations leading to financial markets collapsing. However through careful strategies they made a remarkable comeback, using politics to bolster their iron grip on the masses, placing corporate leaders in political positions, readying the world for corporate control. Special Projects Department has been hit hard by Traditionalist forces but made a comeback in recent years, riding the wave of increased corporate influence on sleeper society. The only branch of the Syndicate that remained relatively stable throughout the economic turmoil were the Enforcers. Criminals always find a way to make money.

Medical advances
The Progenitors have remained remarkably stable through the whole crisis, focusing on academic work rather than being on the Frontlines and mostly being earthbased. Medical science continues to plot forward, developing both new cures and new diseases steadily. Genetic research is making bold advances readily accepted by most of humanity.

The Traditions
During the time the Dimensional Anomaly was most active the Traditions too lost most of its leadership and their most veteran warriors. Their response was violent and directed at the Technocracy, holding us responsible for ridiculous reasons. In return we went to war with them again. In more recent years the Traditions have backed off a little and seem to have re-organized themselves and hostilities have become more intermittent. It is assumed that like us the Traditions are rebuilding their forces, recruiting new members, increasing their influence.

Among Vampire society the Technocracy has detected a growing conflict between western and eastern vampires. The nature of this conflict is largely unknown but appears as a turfwar between gangs. So far the Union has been observing rather than interfering. It can ill afford another battlefront.

Among shapeshifter society the Technocracy has seen a decrease of the population, in part because of the Syndicate's retalliation against the werewolves that undermined their ventures. But what they lost in numbers the shapeshifters gained in fanaticism. Of particular note is the increase in numbers of rodent shapeshifters and their suicidal fanaticism.

There has been an increase in dimensional activity. Strange phenomenona are being investigated, an increase in dimensional breaches has been reported in recent years. This is generally assumed to be an after effect of the Dimensional Anomaly.

The Others
There are other things out there that have not yet been properly identified. Alien entities that take possession of human hosts whose purpose remains unknown but whose actions and influences seem to side them with the Traditionalists. Vile mutations yet uncathegorized that stalk the dark streets, misfits of forbidden science or insidious meddling of EDE's have grown more prolific in recent years while the Union was focused on rebuilding their organisation after the Dimensional Anomaly.

Future Prognosis
The Frontlines are reporting an increase overall of supernatural activity in the wake of the Dimensional Anomaly while the Union's numbers were reduced. The NWO and Syndicate Media departments have warned that 8% of californians believes they were abducted by aliens in the past (true fact). A large portion of these people were witnesses to supernatural events in the past and were mindwiped by the Technocracy. Mind Specialists within the Union are warning of a potential paradox backlash building.

The Union lost Authochtonia and with it its Timetable and statiticians' predictions. More recent statistic prognosis points to a growing crisis centered on Los Angeles. Personell in the Hub believe this is the reason why the complex is 100 meter underground and selfsustaining. Something dark is coming ...

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Character Creation
Guidelines Technocracy

We use the standard M20 character creation rules. Maximum Arete at character creation will be 3.

Job Description

Technocratic groups are known as Amalgams. Amalgams serve a function in the greater whole. Team Members are selected for specific tasks within the Amalgam. You are part of a Los Angeles First Responder Unit. You'll be in the field following up on reports, assessing potential threats, identifying its nature, reporting back to your Supervisor and dealing with situations that require immediate action. You are the first line of defense against the supernatural forces that threaten humanity and reality itself.
You'll be monitored by a Supervisor from home base but you're the one in the field.

This means you won't have much time for long term science projects. You'll need investigative skills, social skills, combat skills. You may occasionally have to pose as members of the police, military, media or medical establishment in order to get access or information.

Example functions
This is not an exhaustive list and skillsets may overlap.
*Team Leader: In charge during missions. Keeps in contact with the Mission Coordinator and Supervisor. You need leadership, be able to keep your cool in stressful situations and keep in touch with your team and your superiors. You are responsible for the team's success and if you fail too many times you may get demoted .. or worse.
*DS Expert: You are knowledgable about dimensional science and otherworldly entities. You detect and eliminate extradimnesional threats and facilitate dimensional procedures.
*RD specialist: You have extensive knowledge of reality deviants, their beliefs, techniques and biological and psychological makeup. You can also expect to be monitored by your superiors for possibly harboring sympathy to deviant beliefs and undesirable loyalties.
*Information Expert: You gather information and relay it to your team. More often than not you are backed up by a network of informants. Information tends to have strings attached or requires hacking, bribing and interrogation.
*Spin Doctor: You play the media, know how to twist a story to reflect what you want it to. You have to be able to stay ahead of your own lies and manipulation and make sure you don't piss off the wrong people. If you fail to cover up supernatural activity expect to be called in the Supervisor's office, possibly a Symposium hearing.
*Enforcer: When the hammer comes down you bring out the guns. You have been trained in firearms, martial arts and assassination techniques. You can keep your head cool under fire and follow orders without blinking. If you refuse to do your job you might find yourself on the business end of a gun.
*Transporter: You can drive cars and motorcycles, fly planes and helicopters and maybe even pilot some more advanced vehicles. You can tail a car without being seen or throw a pursuer off track. If all else fails you know how to crash with minimal damage.
*Doctor: Medical expert, doubles as medic and forensic researcher.

Useful tips
*Pool your resources: As a team you can pool your backgrounds allowing the team access to more resources than an individual agent would be able to call on.
*Useful Backgrounds: Allies, Spies, Backup, Influence, Requisition. Don't underestimate the usefulness of a couple of good Citizens and Comrades in arms. When your back is against the wall it helps having someone to lean on.
*Useful Merits and Flaws: Ties (Black Market, Judicial, Media, Corporate, Entertainment, Police, Political, Underworld). These will help you influence sleeper society, increasing the reach of the Technocracy. who you know may be just as important as what you can when it comes to career advancement within the Technocratic Union.

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Character Creation
Guidelines Vampires

We use the V20 rules where possible.
As a vampire you are strongly urged to take a Ghoul retainer you can play during the daytime hours.

The Anarchs are still ruling Los Angeles but the California Free States were hit hard by the Kuei-Jin around the turn of the century. They lost their foothold in San Francisco and nearly lost Los Angeles to the Kuei-Jin. San diego is in the hands of the Camarilla. presently there is an unstable truce between the Camarilla and Anarchs as long as each stays in their own territory and the Kuei-Jin and Sabbat are considered a common threat to both the Anarchs and Camarilla.

The Camarilla is centered in San Diego but has a foothold in some of the outlying Los Angeles

The Sabbat is centered in Mexico City. They do however make occasional raids against Los Angeles and they may have agents amongst the Anarchs and Camarilla. I would advice against it but if you insist on playing a sabbat vampire you will be in enemy territory.

The Kuei-Jin are centered in San Franscisco after having been ousted by a shaky alliance of Camarilla and Anarchs. There are however hints and rumors that the Kuei-Jin are preparing a counter offensive. Note that not all Kuei-Jin are necesarily on the same side. If you play a Kuei-jin though expect recent history to work against you if you try to ingratiate yourself to the Anarch and Camarilla sects.

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Character Creation
Guidelines Demons

There are others of your kind out there. You feel them on the edges of your mystic senses. Even before you returned tot he world of flesh you felt your brothers and sisters slip out of the Abbys, freed by some kind of cosmic disaster in that shadow world at the bottom of which you were imprisoned by God at the beginning of the world. They slipped through the cracks back into the world of man they were long ago banished from. And fairly recently you found a way out of hell and into one of the beings you fought for against the legions of heaven eons ago. Hollow and burned out you replaced its soul with yours and found your mind flooded with its memories, its humanity.

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Character Creation
Guidelines Changelings

There were portents and myths before there was the Urge. Changelings from all over the world flocked to the high king's banner to leave behind the world of darkness and followed high king David into the Dreaming believing he would lead them back to Arcadia. The mythic messiah claimed this was the last chance to find Arcadia because all things old were soon to vanish and the roads to Arcadia would be forever broken.

After most changelings left the ancient trods were severed, twisted, distorted in what is known among the Technocrats as the Dimensional Anomaly. And yet .. new changelings still go through Chrysalis. A process rarer than before granted, but happening nonetheless. Wherefrom? What happened to the High King and his followers? In the aftermath of the Exodus the Unseelie began attacking the Seelie strongholds, forcing them to capitulate in many cities. In the aftermath Los Angeles is divided into fiefdoms. The ancient titles mean less than they used to and some commoners have risen to the occasion, claiming titles for themselves.

Another observed effect of the Millenial Crisis in the changeling world is an increased number of nightmarish chimera.

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Character Creation

I'm keeping this one largely secret until you get there. Wraith players will start as new characters just arrived in the Shadowlands. Short story, a cosmic disaster has occurred in the lands of the dead. The Shadowlands are at war, renegades versus the hierarchy. It is rumored that beings far more ancient than all the dead are escaping from the Great Maw into the World of Flesh.

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