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Scene 1: The break of dawn
You have recently arrived at your new workspace on the 13th floor between 1 and 3 days ago. You were assigned here by Control to replace the previous incarnation of Vigil, Gamma team. Some of you may be from out of town.

Lauren however is familiar with the offices and people from the Web of Truth.
This website and weekly magazine takes a sceptic look at politics, pseudo science and the paranormal, unravels hoaxes, explains away the unexplainable and crusifies those who scam the gullible masses.People are encouraged to write in about suspect cultist organisations and fortean events. The magazine offers $100.000 to prove the paranormal exists. Of course in reality anyone with true paranormal abilities who takes the bait tend to end up brainwashed and retracts his evidence. Located along the Miracle Mile in an office building The Web of Truth office is set on the 12th floor. It has a 13th floor but it can only be accessed by enlightened personell with the proper codes and cannot be seen from the outside.

James and Jacki have been doing their thing locally for a while, working their way up into The Association, a Syndicate Amalgam when they were re-assigned as enforcers for Vigil because of an immediate need for a new first responder team.

You have been called into the briefing room. Your supervisor is Jordan Light. He wears a grey suit. His colorful tie adds a little personality to the outfit. His chiseled jaw is clean shaven, he has greying hair and lightblue eyes, and is in his mid 50ís.

The briefing room is dominated by a large rectangular table able to seat twelve, with a number of monitors and projectors attached to walls and ceilings. There are no windows in this room. In fact the whole floor has no windows. The only way out is by elevator. As a whole the building is still undergoing renovations. The 13th floor does not exist on the building plans, it does not exist at all as far as the world knows.

Jordan Light is seated in a large black leather chair at the end of the table. A large monitor behind him shows with a local news show playing without sound. He swivels the chair to face you: "Welcome. I hope you've had a chance to explore the facilities, if not there is time to familiarize yourselves after this briefing. Please take a seat", he gestures at the chairs around the table.

"I believe you have all been informed about the previous team. Vigil-Gamma team was wiped out in a surgical strike against our previous Front. The first attackwave was an electronic assault on surveillance systems. After electronic surveillance was shut down the attackers entered the building and proceeded to kill the team members. What exactly happened is unclear since there is no footage. We also have not ascertained who is responsible although we have some suspisions. Once you read through the reports I'll let you come to your own conclusions. Since this attack happened at night no civilians were around at the time. We are still gathering evidence and puzzling the pieces together. I suggest you make it top priority whenever you are not responding to emergencies".

"You have been briefed on your new positions within Vigil. You have been handpicked for your unique talents. Put them to good use. Follow directives, report significant intel back to Homebase and debrief with Erin or me after you get back to HQ".

Erin, codename Homebase, enters the room, mid 30's, halflong auburn hair in a bun and hazel eyes. She wears fashionable glasses with a thin frame and looks very business-like. She passes out IPads, one of each of you:"Hello boys and girls, your new toys. All of gamma team's unsolved cases are on it. And the information we've gathered so far on the assault that ended their lives. The pad uses an iris scanner and password. Repeat the login every 12 hours or the device automatically wipes its memory. If not in use you can leave it in the dock on your desk. It comes with access to those casefiles you have clearance for. Don't lose it. And no personal uses, we'll know".

Jordan Light gets up from his chair and smiles politely.
"If you have questions you can talk with Erin. Erin will also be your contact in the field whenever I'm not directly supervising your operations.
You have been briefed on your new positions within Vigil. You have been handpicked for your unique talents. Put them to good use. Follow directives, report significant intel back to Homebase and debrief with Erin or me after you get back to HQ".

"Lauren Wilson is your interim teamleader. I know her to be an excellent people manager and she is familiar with the facilities. Good luck Lauren and congratulations. I would like to get your recommendations and mission scheduling on my desk by the end of the day".
He leaves the briefing room.

Erin smiles as she sits at the head of the table.
"It's a lot to take in. Take your time".

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Devon Arc
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Scene 1: The break of dawn
Devon idly spun in his chair as he scanned through the open case files. A quarter-turn right, back to center. Quarter-turn left, back to center. Nine seemed like a lot of unresolved issues, until he realized these were reports more of the intel variety than of an "action needed" sort. Some obviously would require more specific attention, and soon, but others were worth keeping on the backburner. "So who do I talk to about getting the remaining surveillance footage and equipment from the attack? With some restructuring, I might be able to extract some data from after they got hit, and I should start analyzing whatever we've got from before."

He widened the spin, a half-turn right, back to center. Half-turn left... He'd been settling in OK, but he was still used to doing his work alone, in an IT department buried deep in the bowels of a building. Not only was he getting used to the new town, but he'd be working... directly and possibly therefore in meatspace... with a team. In a lot of ways, it was exciting. In other was... well, as he absorbed Gamma: the Previous' activities, he side-eyed the rest of his son-to-be Amalgam.
Lauren Wilson
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Mon 29 Feb 2016
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Scene 1: The break of dawn
Lauren sat near the front of the conference room table.  She was dressed in a grey business suit with a suitable length skirt and a blouse that managed to pull off sexy while maintaining an appropriate professionalism.  She scanned through the reports even though she already knew some of the information.  She wanted to make sure that she hadn't overlooked anything.  As she did so, she spent some time observing her new team.

Her team.

That's not really what she had in mind.  She was Media Control.  She was very good at that.  She had been good at before she was even Enlightened and now she was extremely skilled and capable.  She was good at convincing people and she knew that she had talent, but was she actually ready for this leadership position?

Ready or not, she had it.

Finally Devon broke the silence.  She responded, "Devon, correct?"  Of course she knew all of their names.  She had studied their dossiers.  "I am sure we can get that data for you as well as any remaining physical evidence."  She looked at Erin and inclined her head seeking agreement.

"Any other leads to pursue, people?  Let's brainstorm this."
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Scene 1: The break of dawn
"Of course you have access to surveillance footage prior to the attack. We have no footage from after the electronics were disabled. I will send the former Vigil Front address so you can visit and check out the cameras in place if you wish. The former front was a corporate law company. It is doubtful you'll find anything of worth. We've cut the company lose after the attack. It is not connected to any of our activities anymore. I will also get you the name of the security company who originally installed and maintained the camera system at our previous front. Needless to say we've also cut our ties with them. If you go into their systems make sure not to leave any traces. We've been quite meticulous about erasing our footsteps", Erin answers as she busies herself on her own Ipad.

" .. and sent".

(Casefile Vigil Ambush has been updated for you. As you look for additional information I will update the casefile)

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Scene 1: The break of dawn
Presently dressed in his typical working uniform, that unfortunate black suit and tie combination that could mark him as anything from funeral attendee to waiter, James listened to the brief in silence, beginning to work through the casefiles as soon as they received the IPads. When the topic of further leads was brought up he glanced up to their designated leader and spoke, "Our cameras might have been down but that doesn't mean all of the ones in the area were. Any other businesses nearby that might have footage of the attack or we already looked into that? Same for the simultaneous attack."

"I could do a walkthrough of the building later and work out the sort of assault I'd have staged if I was the one doing it but since we don't know the attackers that means we don't know what resources they had so it'll be of limited use. As for these other cases..." Glancing back to the pad for a moment he frowned, "We've got a few high profile ones that probabaly need to move to the top of the list but few leads on them and some with a lower profile where we actually can make a start on getting the connections we need together. My gut says run these superhoeroes and morlocks are probabaly the highest profile that we can actually start gathering intelligence on where they might be operating from since we'll have sightings to match to locations. Los Muertos I'd like to see dealt with but unless we've some more information I don't see how. Seems they likely know where we live but the reverse is not the case."
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Scene 1: The break of dawn
"We have not had time to look into cameras in the district. Matter of priorities. Our first priority was securing a new Vigil team and moving into a new HQ", Erin responds matter-of-factly to James' inquiry:"We could not continue using the same Front and it took the last few days working through your files, resettling in the Web of Truth building and getting everything ready for your arrival. For all intents and purposes you are the  forensics team. So those neighborhood cameras are yours to check", she glances from James to Devon and smiles slightly.
Ai Fujiwara
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Scene 1: The break of dawn
Looking up from the ipad only after glancing over the documents, the short girl looked over each teammate before settling on the man who looked like he was wearing the only suit and tie combination he owned, listening to his thoughts regarding the cases. "The Morlock file seems like a possibility, though in addition to seeing what we can gleam from any security footage, I believe tracking down those who attacked the truck may hold a more solid lead. The file does not mention any of the artifacts being taken from the truck, but did any turn up missing, by chance? If so, is there a manifest of the missing artifacts and their effects?"
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Scene 1: The break of dawn
Erin purses her lips observing Ai, she hesistates briefly.
"I'm going to have to ask mister Light about a manifest .. Lockup tends to be rather tightlipped about what they have stored and where it is all going".
She gets up and walks to the door:"I'll be right back".

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