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Wed 3 Jan 2018
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The Cradle. Sci-Fi Discord RP, part of The Hub RP community.
Welcome to Cradle. The last civilization within the Milky Way Galaxy. A massive, Jupiter-sized habitat orbiting around the supermassive black hole within the galaxy's core, drifting and feasting upon the corpses of dying, decaying stars, so as to maintain itself and those it shelters within.

Four races dwell within Cradle, hiding from the blight that has all but consumed the stars and planets they had once called home. For better or worse, they have banded together in order to build this marvel of engineering, hoping that time might yet grant them the edge they need to reclaim their former interstellar empires... yet now, many hundreds of years later, hope is fading. Humanity's once united stance has shattered due to discord and misunderstanding. The Xalaga are divided between maintaining their Republic and pushing for the emergence of a new Empire. The Cradle AI's judgement is called into question. The balance of power shifts and churns, as new players enter the game, for better or worse.

The Cradle is a Sci-Fi, freeform open-world RP on Discord, a world rich in lore where players will be allowed to choose from 4 different races and be granted the opportunity to explore, via interactions with other PCs and NPCs, the last bastion of civilization within the Milky Way. While a main storyline exists, players are free to pursue it or not according to what they desire, and their actions are bound to influence the world around them in various ways, some subtle and some less so. This game will be moderated by me, Desanion, though I might require some aid, as I live in a UTC+2 timezone and it is likely that I won't be online 24/7.

The RP itself is ready to receive players, and by using the Event system you are bound to quickly be able to insert your character into an interesting situation from the get-go. That being said, we have yet to receive our first character application as of the 3rd of January, thus I expect to officially declare the RP as running within the following week, if all goes well.

Have a concept for an interesting character? Or perhaps you're looking for a sci-fi universe where you can explore the world and its inner workings, and perhaps even place your mark upon it? If so, you are most welcome to join here:

Feel free to ask any questions you may have, or write suggestions for how the game is run.

This RP, though an original concept of mine, is part of The Hub community on Discord, a community of various roleplayers and GMs intent on providing high-quality RPs of various themes and settings, one which also aided me greatly in setting up and establishing my own RP. A cyberpunk RP and a fantasy RP are already officially started, with more in the works. Perhaps, if my RP isn't your particular cup of tea, their other RPs might interest you?