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Fri 5 Jan 2018
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Original Sci-Fantasy MUSH
Ephemeris Erudition

A thousand years from now, magic has returned. A threat unlike any other has arrived. As foretold, heroes will return when magic returned to the land. Born to the people are those capable of using magic, and awakened are the magi of old to train them in these ways. Even as they learn, the threat spreads like a Curse through the solar system.

This is Ephemeris Erudition, an original themed sci fi/fantasy MUSH set 1,000 years in the future. Players take on the roles of magical adepts (Phenoms) imbued with elemental magic tied to the planetary system they were born to, or artificers (Adroits) able to fuse magic into weapons and machines alike. They learn from the Society of the Sacred, the magi of old, to both wield their magic and prepare to turn back the tides that are now invading.

We are presently open for Alpha testing. Theme is mostly hammered out, with a system focus utilizing Open D6. Ephemeris Erudition seeks players to flesh out the MUSH and game mechanics. Our primary focus is story telling.

We plan on no more than a month of Alpha testing for any major changes and then to roll directly into open play, keeping characters forged during Alpha phase. While the meta is focused on the Phenoms and Adroits, college aged (age 16) characters learning their abilities, there is vast room for other adult characters of various skill levels (magic excluded for adults at present). Plot runners and storytellers are most definitely welcome to create their own stories within our theme.

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