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Fri 9 Feb 2018
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The Broken
Are you tired and hungry? Do you crave something deeper than yourself to fulfill the void inside? Do you long to leave your life behind and become someone or something other than your day to day human? Join us!

The Broken is an urban fantasy group that takes place in and around Boston. We're a group of writers in various stages of skill and intent, harboring people from various platforms (AOL and others). We RP at leisure, fast paced, and just goof around but at the end of the day, story is our purpose.

Dark, humor, violent, plot, story, missions, active community, extra random things, and whatever else suits us at that moment. We hope to see you soon!

Current Plot Line: Known to only few, supernaturals of varying types seem to be disappearing from Boston without even a scuffle. It begs several questions to those who have noticed, or will take notice: Where are they going and are they going willingly? Join us on our adventure to discover the truth and how to help those who may fall victim to this deviance or perhaps to help seek justice for those whom have already fallen.

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