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Mon 19 Feb 2018
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Bright Spark [Discord RP - Adult]
Bright Spark is a Celtic-themed living world where the fate of an entire continent lies in the players' hands. Anthropomorphic insect characters with unique abilities are created to take part in the struggle for continental domination through war, subterfuge, and politics. Of course, not everyone wants to be a conqueror--but all relationships will be tested as thin bonds of trust attempt to win the ultimate prize: a single wish from the god of Valhalla himself, the Bright Spark.


The world recently went through a reset, so everything is fresh and there are plenty of territories to explore and claim! There is even a comic being developed. For more information on Bright Spark, please visit the Tumblr page of the creator himself and other links below! Make sure to use the Bright Spark tag. Thanks for reading and hope to see you play!

Tumblr Page

Google Docs Lore page

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