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Mon 26 Feb 2018
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Avalon Ascendant - An Adult Mashup Game
Avalon Ascendant is a group game/campaign that I am bringing on-line and would like to find some new faces and voices to play and write there.  The game is adult rated (18 or over) and there certainly will be opportunities for sex and romance as part of your character's overall story, but it is not a constant smut sort of game, so if you are looking for that, it isn't your game.

The emphasis is on players who love to create, write and develop interesting characters who are larger than life both in their abilities and their flaws.  I am looking for people who are decent to strong writers, who enjoy the act of creating and developing their character in situations that will be challenging, fun, adventurous and filled with a bit of everything from joy and ecstasy to darkness and tragedy.  It is a game where you get plenty of input into the story and overall campaign, with both player to player interaction and GM guidance and interactions expected.

Avalon is not a system game for the most part, but does use a slimmed down character creation system that is stolen from the Amber Diceless RPG system, but knowledge of Amber as a story or RPG is absolutely not required.  It is really just a very simple way I use to allow people to build characters that are larger than life, but not game altering as they will have both strengths and weaknesses.  Posting is essentially free-form.

The settings of the game are a true mashup and your character (or characters if you are ambitious) can play in any of them and there will be interactions and cross play between the different settings.

Do you like or play in any Amber based games?  We have a bit of that.

Did you read the books or do you watch the Syfy show The Magicians?  We have Brakebills in the game, come take a look.

Fan of the Defenders type of Marvel Universe from the various Netflix series?  Yep, seems to be the most popular so far.

Ever watched Wynnona Earp on Syfy?  Yes, that is our most supernatural setting.

Like the idea of playing a Mutant good or bad guy/gal?  We have that too, and will in time be stealing a bit of the concepts from The Gifted too.

Are these being played as true fandoms or in canon fashion?  No, they are not.  The game is a mashup, uses very few semi-canon NPCs, with original characters everywhere else, original ideas, plots, twists and will grow into even more.

We are a friendly and easy giong group. The game is played on a wikidot based forum, so you will need a free membership there first.  Come and take a look!