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Mon 26 Feb 2018
at 14:49
[Chronicles of Darkness] [Online Chat RPG] Twisted Vespers
Hey everyone!

Do you like Chronicles of Darkness? Do you like unique takes on world lore and getting in touch with your creative side? If so - I'd like to introduce you to an new online chat rpg called Twisted Vespers. We are currently seeking players, storytellers, and backend staff.

Twisted Vespers gives you a few of the world if the God-Machine was essentially put into sleep mode. The world was thrown into chaos, everything you thought you knew was a lie and now you're left to rebuild the pieces. We currently allow:

Mortal/+ (Including mostly half templates, Stigmatics, Heralds, and Wolfbloods),  Beast the Primordial, Demon the Descent, and we are offering a custom Mortal/+ Half Template for Hunter since Hunter the Vigil 2e is not out yet.

As the world evolves and the overarching plot progresses, the other splats (Vampire, Werewolf, etc) will 'return'.  We do offer a custom Merit for Mortal/+ if you would like to portray a former super that has been affected by the God-Machine's powerdown.

Official Launch: March 20, 2018
Website: http://www.twistedvespers.com
Join Us On Discord @ https://discord.gg/REbCcnA

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