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Wed 21 Mar 2018
at 06:04
Pathfinder 2e pre-playtest followed by playtest
I am going to run a playtest game. If I can find the players, I want to run it on discord voice chat on saturdays 20:00-05:00 central time of the US.

Thus, I'd like to run a voice chat game before then to figure out how to work it, overcome any unforseen issues in the format, etc.

Even if I don't get the voice chat players, I still want to get a playtest group together beforehand, so the group can iron out the wrinkles and learn how I intend to run the the game. (if pbp is all I get, it could be here or on paizo depending on the players)

My goal for the playtest is to test the system's flexibility by running a group in the "play the story" playstyle.

The game will be Test of the Starstone, hence "playing the story" is vital to the game, not only because that will really test the flexibility, but also because it is a campaign that expects the players to lose (winning is possible, just not likely), not to mention that passing the test will not depend on surpassing mechanical challanges.

This makes getting the right group together for it very important. It is also why I want to run it in voice chat, since I'm much better running live games than pbp.

I'll be taking on 9 people cause I expect to lose some, but even if I don't, it won't be beyond my capacity.

Rmail me about interest.