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Fri 23 Mar 2018
at 19:34
Shadowrun Anarchy PbP Recruitement
Hello Chummers!

I'm looking to run a globe-trotting cyberpunk game using the Shadowrun: Anarchy Ruleset, leaning more towards black trench coat than pink mohawk. This ruleset is waaaaaaay simpler than typical shadowrun rules and encourages shared narration. I ran a 2 years long, 2,621 post urban steampunk game a few years back, and I'm itching to start again.

I'd like 3-5 players who would commit to posting once every 24 hours monday - friday.

Click on the forum link below to learn more...


Notes: Magic will only be in the form of the next level of human evolution - telekinesis, pyrokinesis, ESP, etc. No summoning and binding spirits, no shaman run nation states. Metahumans are going to be the result of decades of eugenics programs and genetic engineering, not Unexplained Genetic Expression or Goblinization.

~Brooklyn Gamer Dad