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Mon 23 Apr 2018
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Decimated - A post apocalyptic RPG on IJ

We're looking for players for a game taking place on IJ. It hasn't started yet, so there's plenty of time to get in on the ground floor. I've included the premise below, and if you need a journal creation code, you can email me at my gmail,

The game & navigation can be found here:


March 15, 2020. 90% of the world's population vanishes. Simultaneously, 10% of the animal population is struck with a Rage-type virus. Chaos ensues. Communications break down. Riots happen. Of the surviving population, the majority are gifted humans ... and while the Rage virus turns ungifted humans the same way it turns animals, it only sickens gifted humans.

Was it a gifted human conspiracy? A power out of control? An act of a God only a small percentage of the population believed in? Supernatural forces? There are no answers, except one - rebuilding is the next step.

Before all communications broke down, lists of safe havens were posted and have since been carried by word of mouth, by graffiti on walls, by flyers in areas people are likely to see. One of these safehouses is settled in Breckenridge - the Meadowridge Boarding School. This place has now simply become known as Haven, and is helping the town of Breckenridge get back on its feet while incorporating those seeking shelter and refuge from the chaos of the world.

With anarchy prevalent, with enraged animals attacking anything that moves, with conspiracy theories abound, what becomes of this world?

Game set to open May 1, though flashbacks & travel posts can be posted immediately upon acceptance.

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