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Sat 9 Jun 2018
at 08:25
Discord "Gaming Group"
I would love to play with a virtual face to face group, where we can all enjoy the comfort of our home/office and yet still have an organic and friendly get together.

My main idea is to play Table-top simulator, but we could use other means,like maptools or something.

Ideally I would like to mix up cards/board games and "pencil and paper" games. My long time 10+ year face to face crew would do all sorts of things together. I would like to befriend and socialize with people, and enjoy good stories and fun imaginary action.

Here are the games I enjoy already. I do want to stress, I CAN learn other systems, and will even spend some money to educate myself if the pitch is good. These are just the games I'm confirmed to like. Something you introduce I may try and decide I don't like. I may also find the "next" best thing.
  • D&D 3e to 5e. I started in 3.0, and have a little experience in 5e now. I have played 4e and 3.5 extensively though. Almost no pathfinder though. It never gripped me like 3.5.
  • Exalted 2e (I played 1e to death, and will not support 3e for its debacle) I really enjoy 2.5 most.
  • dX. A Tri-stat generic system from some of the people that made BESM.
  • World of Warcraft TCG (I don't enjoy hearthstone nearly as much)
  • Magic the Gathering (Though I prefer older drafts, prior to Mirrodin. Vintage and Legacy is only fine when by narrowly itself though. I like block matches, personally) I'll play any format if I can be taught be given chance to play enough that I improve to be challenge. I like a good win to loss ratio. I play to see combos and strategies work, not to win or the opponent or play optimally.
  • Warlord Saga of the Storm TCG (I love this one, just love it!) I will be glad to make people decks if you haven't played. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunties of Overlords and Dragonlords. It's very special.
  • Pandemic (original though, at first, because I've enevr played the expansions of legacy)
  • Shadows of Camelot (I like this game and sadly never got much chance to play it)
  • Runebound (A game I loved but NONE of my core F2F group did, only a brief little side group ever played it with me)
  • Munchkin (though very sparingly)
  • Legendary (Basically the Marvel Supes versions--not Alien or other iterations please)

That's all I can think of. Though I'm sure I'm forgetting some RPGs, and quite few board games.

Some disclaimers though, though I loath to put a bad foot forward it's worth noting.

IRL I have trouble with small tremors in my hands, but even on table-top simulator that still occurs. The back up function does help though. Even then, it can be tedious, because it happens so often.

If I'm silent for a while, it may be due to my tics (from Tourettes) so just understand I may have delayed replies or need to comment on something said even a minute or two ago that was moved from. I prefer to speak with a mic, but my voice may sometimes be difficult to understand. Not sure why, but my speech is getting more and more different sounding to others' and on playback than it is to my own ears when I'm speaking. It may be due to any number of problems, but it's likely neurological and so difficult to correct.

Barring that, I do have very little exposure to TTS tech. I've seen people do all sort of great things with it! My knowledge of HOW they do that is very rudimentary and elementary. I know only very basic functions of the system. If you're patient and teach me, I may be slow to learn, and need to ask specific questions, but once I understand, I won't soon forget it.

So if you'd like to play some games with me and some others, please Rmail me. Thanks!