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Sat 4 Aug 2018
at 06:42
Seeking GM, Superhero Duo Game ON DISCORD
Hello prospective suckers GMs, I'm looking for someone to run a Mutants & Masterminds 3e game (preferably set in the DC Universe; there are DC books, but they really just stat canon characters, the rules are the same as original M&M3e) with myself and a friend as players on Discord. Forum games have become too lopsided in the time spent-to-fun had ratio, so we want to play a game over text chat one or more times weekly, instead. Please PM me if you're interested. A GM in EST or whose schedule fits it is mandatory, as one player works an 8-5 and thus will only be free evenings EST and on weekends.

This post is a little dry, but we really are friendly people.