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Tue 21 Aug 2018
at 19:47
Outer Rim Bebop -- Open-World SWRPG Server
Mature Rated for sexuality/violence

Seeking that certain thrill as you face off against other PCs in PVP? Or perhaps you simply enjoy throwing monkey-wrenches into the plans of others?

Outer Rim Bebop might be for you! An open-world GMless Edge of the Empire campaign, we have a heavy focus on PC factions and PVP warfare, within a living universe that has a story directly impacted through the choices of our player-characters.

Note that this server has heavily suggestive themes of sexuality, violence, and possibly cannibalism (not my idea!). It is intended for those with a thick skin who enjoy a good challenge, relaxed environment, and engaging story.

Check us out, join or lurk!