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Sun 26 Aug 2018
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Essence of Horhsal
Essence of Horhsal is an RP website playing in a world of dramatic scale with 8 custom-made races, space for dozens of countries, unique continents that are not just Earth 2.0, the ability to add your own creations, and much more!
The Essence is an important part of the world and has a direct influence on its continents and people which allows them to wield Essence powers that are not entirely without danger. Horhsal also has its very own ages and went down an entirely different historical path than Earth, shaping the present and making it into a mixture of different elements instead of being modeled after a certain age. There are people still in armor and wielding melee weapons while a few high-tech devices and the Internet are a thing as well. It is similar to Final Fantasy in that aspect but still its own world.

The world is not the only big feature: we also offer a variety of RP types, such as  sandbox-like hubs that can play in specific countries or worldwide; and campaigns that are similar to DnD and use mechanics instead. And if you don't like one of them you can safely ignore it and join the other.
Did you know that we also have an IC social network for characters only, an art Booru for artists and a whole world Wiki?

If you are searching for an RP site that has a ton of effort put into it, then you are at the right address!

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