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Pokemon Horizons
Pokemon Horizons

Open Premise

Horizons does not subscribe to any singular Pokémon canon or one overall site plot. Instead, we have many smaller events and member-driven plots, making it easier for members new and old to get involved in big ways or to enjoy a more laid back slice-of-life experience with minimal pressure. We're non-linear travel and liquid time, meaning you can explore to your heart's content with no gating of areas. We have gyms, contests, breeding, and more, but everything is optional to suit your own tastes!

Novice or Veteran, Play Your Way!

New trainers start with up to 4 Pokémon, half of which can be evolved, meaning you can make an experienced trainer right out of the gate! Almost all Pokémon are available to choose, and the few that have restrictions can still be chosen as starters by giving up one or both of your evos, keeping things balanced while also allowing literally any non-Legendary line! If you want to be a novice trainer, you're free to take less and redeem your other "starter credits" at a later time!

For those reusing characters from other Pokémon boards, we also have an "Import" system, allowing you to bring over 10 (non-Legendary) Pokémon you've earned elsewhere upon application, and pick up 10 more at a time every month after! In this way, we hope to keep folks who have poured loads of work into their favorite characters from feeling like they have to start all over!

Many Uniquie Factors

The cities of Veria are very diverse, from a mountaintop city that's half underground to a haunted prairie town to a massive city-train! Modding is taken care of quickly and efficiently with our spawn generator and other tools. We give members full control over most wild or NPC-owned Pokémon once spawned to ensure you can tell the stories you want to tell, while also allowing mod-controlled opponents in Missions for more challenging experiences and plot twists. We're working on implementing our own Regional Variants-- Veria Forms akin to Alola Forms, or "Veriants" if you will-- to provide some of the freshness of fakemon while keeping all Pokémon familiar as well. And of course, we're always happy to hear new ideas!

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