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Mon 24 Sep 2018
at 21:57
Chief Tactical Officer needed for an active Star Trek sim
I'm at the very end of wrapping a successful Star Trek sim, and have had a lot of requests to launch a new chapter for it. This will be moderated freeform play by post game set in 2365 (approximately season two of The Next Generation).

Our vessel is the USS Peregrine, NCC-79288, a Saber class fast frigate. This is a small vessel, with a crew compliment of only sixty or so.

We are returning the core of our last game, and have picked up a couple more players for open spots; as of now, we have one lead role open - Chief Tactical Officer. Since the Peregrine is a more military-oriented vessel, the CTO has a lot to do.

Of course, in a Trek game, there is always space for junior officers and/or enlisteds to play, but I am really looking to fill the "main character" roles.

We're asking for one to two posts per week (the more, the merrier), and we do expect some time and attention to be paid to them. This is a collaborative writing game, not a "I shoot the bad guy" game.

For more information, you could reference the previous game thread (http://www.rdinn.com/view_topi...icid=4305&page=1), or check the official Q&A post (http://www.rdinn.com/view_topi...icid=4303&page=1) for that game.

Or PM me with questions!

Thanks for reading. I'm looking forward to us boldly going again...