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Cast Needed: A Dream of Promise
Link: A Dream of Promise
Genre: Modern, Supernatural, Free-form
Summary: A group of seemingly ordinary people arrives at the dying farming town of Promise, Mississippi, driven by strange dreams and prophetic visions. Why were they drawn there? The more pressing question is: What will they find there?

Roles Requested:

1. The New Age Bookshop Owner - You have sought answers in the books you sell, but for years you are plagued with the feeling that some fundamental truth was lacking from them. You recently started dreaming of a small rural town isolated by an endless sea of cotton fields. Night after night, you watch in horror as a monstrous shadow rises from the ground to stalk the citizens of this sleepy little village. You wake bathed in cold sweat with the memory of spilled blood so strong in your mind that you can almost smell it. You instinctively know that confronting this terror will be dangerous, but may lead to a fundamental change in your perceptions and beliefs. You may finally come to know some of the mysteries you once sought between the pages of books, but at what price? Still, you must investigate it.

2. The Reformed Catholic - You followed in your parents' footsteps and joined a gang at an early age. You lived fast and hard, and watched most of your friends die. You probably wouldnít have lived to see adulthood if you hadnít become involved in one of the Catholic outreach programs. The Catholics gave you an honest job and helped you earn your GED. Deeply grateful for the second chance they had given you, and eager to give something back to the community, you joined the Society of Jesus. After your training was complete, you returned to New Orleans and volunteered for a program much like the one that had helped you. A few days ago, you were summoned to a higher calling and given a vision during evening prayers. You saw what appeared to be a burly man walking down a narrow residential street with a black-handled knife in his right hand. You intuitively understood this was no man, however, but a creature of manifest evil. This vision repeated the next evening, and ended with a strong urge to travel north. When you told your parish priest about these visions, he looked decidedly grim but gave you traveling money and the loan of a small car. You donít know what you will find, but you cannot ignore the summons youíve been given.

3. The Runaway Teen - You ran away from home shortly after you caught your first glimpse of the dead. Your friends ostracized you when you told them of your experiences, and your parents treated you with infuriating delicacy. You werenít insane, you just saw things youíd sometimes rather not. You were determined to escape when you overheard your parents talking about sending you to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation. Anything was better than that. You stuffed your most treasured personal possessions and some clothes into a backpack and left that night. Life has seldom been easy since then, but you havenít looked back. Through a series of strange events, youíve recently found yourself wandering the back roads of the rural South. [RESERVED]

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