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Tue 2 Oct 2018
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Cast WantedX Men: Scorched Earth (A Gifted RPG)
People to help fix a broken world

Hatred and fear from most everyone, competition from those who should have your back, prision time or worse if you're caught. A better world for everyone if you somehow manage to pull this off.

Answer the call of X-Men:Scorched Earth, a Gifted based rpg welcoming writers of all skill levels who love stories and learning who they can be. We happily accept show canons, adapted X-Universe canons, and OCs that are looking for a place to belong.

Join the struggle for the very survival of mutant kind, wage war upon those who would dare keep homo superior down, or just watch the world burn from on high.
ooking for the best X-Men rpg out there? So are we, so come help us build it.

Who are we?
A recently established action packed rpg based on the Gifted universe and our own imaginations who are happy to accept show canons, adapted X-Universe canons, and OCs.

Who are we looking for?
Active dynamic writers of all skill levels who are willing to bring their ideas and leave their drama behind. We post often, we post everywhere, and our storylines will be happy to include you.
Site Name: X-Men: Scorched Earth

URL: https://xse.jcink.net/index.php?

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