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 And the world shall fall
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Sat 3 Nov 2018
at 04:43
City of Rogues [M&M 3E Chat]
**Currently looking for more GM's familiar with or willing to learn the system and the superhero genre**

Not a single campaign, so much as an ongoing game of M&M with multiple DM's set in the Rogue Isles from the fictional universe of the now-defunct City of Heroes/City of Villains MMO! You can join adventures posted by GM's, or just hop into a channel and roleplay without ever interacting with the system if you'd prefer, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
Number total number of people wanted: Unlimited
Starting date for game: Already started
How the game will be played: Discord chat with dice bot
Discord Link:

Got a hankering for evil, villainy and crime? Got a Hero who's fallen to the dark side? Wanna see what life is like on the wrong side pf the tracks? Come to the City of Rogues and make your mark on the Rogue Isles!

This server is not generally PG-13. It is Rated R in public spaces and will include VERY adult themes including violence and sexual content. You have been warned.

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