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 Tony Stroppa
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Thu 20 Dec 2018
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Post-Apocalyptic RP on Roll20/Skype
The Three Americans

A group of normal people plan to survive a global or national disaster. Not extremist, just ordinary people who are prepared. Can you survive the chaos during and after a pandemic, nuclear war, invasion, and/or whatever other calamities cruel fate has to offer. Will you help mankind rise again from the ashes or will the human species disappear from the galaxy, never making its mark?

The scales are balanced, a hair could tip them. Will your decisions be the ones that make the difference?

This is a continuous sandbox campaigns game with roleplay, planning, building, scavenging, combat. and record keeping. This is a player-driven game: you make the decisions on what to do and where to go. I plan on Gaming 1 session per week via Skype. Day and times to be determined with players as I am retired and always available. I am using Twilight2000 2ed ver 2.2 with my own tweaks. Characters are Morrow project 4th ed, using that games skills stats and modifiers, and task resolution.

Following is the Roll20 link: https://app.roll20.net/campaig.../the-three-americans

Skype ID is David Perry

I am a friend of Dave's, you may rMail me for details and contact information.



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