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Sun 30 Dec 2018
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[PTU] Pokemon: Crashlanded!
This game is run on the Pokemon By Post forum, an unofficial Pokemon Tabletop United community specializing in, um, playing by... post. Yeah. It wasn't my idea, okay?!

Link to the thread: https://pokemonbypost.boards.n...d-roll20-crashlanded

An excerpt from the thread follows:

The Campaign in Brief

In this high-level campaign with primary inspirations taken The Forest and RimWorld, you are highly capable military engineers who, through a contrived circumstance, have been stranded in the wilderness with little expectation of rescue. You must build a survivor's camp and defend it from hostile pokemon, reinforcing it with tricks and traps you've found or crafted from the resources in your surroundings. In between you must learn more about this land you've found yourself in and find a way to make it back to civilization.

The game will have two distinct modes of operation. The first is an abstract time-management mode where you lay out your plans for each of the day's phases and must balance training your pokemon, foraging for supplies, traveling on the world map, and constructing your base's defenses and facilities. The second involves exploring sites of interest in full detail, battling the inhabitants, interacting with other PCs, acquiring unique items, and advancing the plot.

Character progression will be slow with more of a focus on equipment and milestones only sparingly handed out for completing story elements. Combat will be very difficult to encourage maximal usage of the base-building mechanics; lethality will be high, but not unavoidable. Pokemon will have their out-of-combat utility strongly emphasized, with many tasks being minimally unproductive or flat out impossible without the right Capabilities or HM Moves.

Campaign Background

Tensions are high between Kanto and Unova are high. War seems inevitable and the two sides are jockeying for strategic positions in the ocean between them.

You are members of the Kantonese military's engineering corps. You may be expected to fight on the front lines if war breaks out, or you may simply be a technical specialist. In any event, you are on a heavy cargo plane loaded with construction materials en route to one of the strategic islands.

A mysterious storm downs your plane on an uncharted island. A strong, distinctly unnatural magnetic field is interfering with your communications equipment. Worse, the wild pokemon really do not seem to like you. You are isolated and alone on this hostile pocket of land with only yourselves, your pokemon, a cargo plane full of construction materials, and the island's abundant natural resources. Fortunately, you are engineers. As long as you're here, you might as well set up a base; If you are fortunate, this island and its natural defenses could be an asset in the coming war. First, though, you need to shut down whatever is responsible for the magnetic interference so that you can reestablish contact with your country and, hopefully, be rescued.

In this world, pokemon are more intelligent than real-life animals with an understanding of delayed gratification and long-term planning, though little capacity for language or culture. Pokemon embody aura and in some ways are not physical beings at all, allowing them to do things that seem impossible. Whether consciously or not, the composition of pokemon allows them to be influenced by humans' auras and so in this way be tamed and commanded. In some way aura influences all supernatural phenomenon, though it is still largely a mystery to modern science. There is disputed evidence that the world may not always have been this way but if animals above microscopic size ever existed they have long since been out-competed to extinction by pokemon.