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Fri 8 Feb 2019
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DnD 5e on Roll20 and Discord

I am a part of a Discord server that is one giant game of DnD. We have over 30 DMs from around the world running sessions at all times. Each session is self contained so scheduling to get in one is easy - sign up when you can play. Characters and the world are persistent though so it's not just one-shots. Decisions made in sessions affect the world and the guild.

There is a huge PbP RP community for between the roll20 sessions where players RP as their characters. We have been operating for over 6 months, players start at level 2 and we have several in the late teens.

The server is kept to PG-13 rules - no NSFW content. We allow almost all Wizards officially published content for 5e.

We train new players and new DMs. If you want to learn - we will teach you all the way.

Blue Hoods is a D&D 5e West Marches/Guild style Campaign set in a large homebrew city.

Blue Hoods guild is currently hiring all the fresh blood it can. After getting to the City of Eleria, characters will have access to the guild hall and a job board. When a DM posts available time, players form a group and take a job from the job board and sign up as a group. Jobs will vary as much as DM imagination. All classes are welcome.

Take a look for yourself on our Discord:
You can ask any questions there or rMail me here.

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