Rook Seidhr
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Sun 17 Feb 2019
at 19:44
C20 sandboxy game on Fear and Loathing in Concordia
I'm not the GM but I'm posting at his request.

Type: play-by-post, much like here but with admittedly fewer bells and whistles
System: Changeling: the Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition
Style: sandbox—it's a world full of plot hooks, go swallow some
When: just started but there's space for a few more PCs
Current characters: a trio of landless, wandering nobles (two commoners and one sidhe)
Current activity: just arrived in Las Vegas (the County of Lights) and discussing what trouble to get into first

We'd love to have more than three players. (There were four but one immediately dropped out due to work/life balance issues.)
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