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Sun 5 May 2019
at 05:56
VtM Game Seeking Female Players (Adult) (now with contact )
GM is female, this will be small troupe play, play system will either be V20 or BTS

Very open at this phase, later will update this post if still looking or more details possible.

So far there are about 12 players, 8 male and 6 female.

Contact if interested.

(Repost below)

There's a group of us starting a vampire the masquerade RPG. This would be an actual role playing game with character sheets and dice, not just free-form forum RP. Smut would be welcome and could certainly be a part of the RP, but wouldn't be the main focus. It would be a group RP, of course, but players would be free/encouraged to interact and RP in side scenes with each other.