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Sun 5 May 2019
at 09:51
Witchlight RP Forum
5/5 Stars * * * * *

Set in a world loosely based on Anne Bishop's Black Jewels series, Witchlight is an engaging community with diverse roleplay opportunities in a Play-by-post format.

I've played on other BJT sites before, and currently as well, but this by far is the most relaxed and easygoing group I've interacted with yet. I absolutely adore how intuitive character creation is on Witchlight, and my fellow players are absolute delights to work with.  It's very player-driven, and with the ability to contribute to the lore on a tangible level, there is no lack of feeling empowered as a player. I'm in love, and I can't wait to make more characters.


Stop by, check them out, maybe join the Guest-Friendly discord they host if you have questions! We'd be glad to have you!