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Absalom: City of Secrets [ Discord Server, Living World ]
Absalom: City of Secrets - A Pathfinder Living World!

Absalom: City of Secrets is an up and coming Pathfinder living world game set in the city of Absalom in Golarion! Based in Discord, our game is partially text based, with encounters done in the many city chats, as well as periodic quests done through Roll20 and server wide events that involve the wide cast of characters. (Think of it like an MMORPG in tabletop form!) We support third party or even custom content on an application basis that our staff vote on on our forums, meaning that you can suggest anything, and it might get approved for play! We support player freedom as well as templates and gestalt levels through our OOC currency that you gain simply for being active, and helping the world grow! Not only that, you can do things like:

Request a specific session for your character - be the hero of your own story!

Explore the city of Absalom, and the world beyond it!

You can even ask to GM your own sessions and run your own stories, with ingame rewards as a result!

Our Discord:

Our forums:

We hope to see you there!

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