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Wed 25 Sep 2019
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Large Scale D&D-inspired MMORPG (Hosted on Google)
Hey All!

Back in 2015 I started a project for the Reddit-based RPG scene (commonly referred to as "RP" or "Powers" games, such as r/WorldPowers) and a few people from this site were kind enough to let me observe a campaign whose rules are similar to my own project, which is heavily based on the mechanics of An Echo Resounding, ASOIAF RPG, and Adventurer Conqueror King, among others. I sidelined this project years ago but have recently picked it back up and am nearly finished.

Essentially, it is a large scale, persistent, online D&D campaign with simplified rules, jump-in-jump-out mechanics, with no limit on the amount of players and a modular set of rules that can be added to and modified to player tastes/needs and be applied to any setting with only slight adjustments. The ultimate goal was, and still is, to get numerous versions of the game going with the same fundamental mechanics but with slight variations and in different settings; the current setting I have planned is A Song of Ice and Fire but the mechanics could be used for fantasy and future settings alike.

During my research, I came across people from this site and similar ones who mused about this type of game becoming a possibility, and I feel it can bridge the gap between D&D players who want to play with more people in larger campaigns and casual Roleplayers from Reddit communities who are more concerned with telling stories than with mechanics-heavy conquest games, and everyone in between. So as such I am putting out the call for anyone interested in developing, testing, or playing a game like this.

During the development process, I've settled on almost entirely using Google Docs to host the game, (along with Discord for better communication and community development), where sheets will provide each player with all their information and maps will show them where all their forces are. The lore and roleplaying itself is planned to be hosted on Reddit simply because of the large amount of people that use it already, and advertising / cross-sub promotion can be done easily, although it can just as easily be hosted on a forum such as RPoL.

I will not go into detail describing every aspect of the game here, but will add that the "world clock" progresses in turns, and combat will be turn-based on a battle map, similar to a tabletop D&D battle, with the option of automating combat for those less inclined to directly command their troops.

For more information on the game, or if you're interested in checking it out, please join my development discord where all the rules are posted:

I do not currently check my rMail enough, so Discord is the preferred way to contact me. I do hope you'll at least give it a look, and any involvement is greatly appreciated.