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VoluspÓ - a play-by-post semi-historical RP
In Mjelde live the the VÝga-varger Clan.

In Solund, the Mßna-varger Clan.

Both blessed by Fenrir with the ability to transform into wolves whenever they wished, making fearsome warriors and rich Jarls, the two Clans have been at war for generations. Though both sides had grown weary of fighting the wars of their forefathers, neither was willing to make peace until pressure from King Eirik Bloodaxe had them considering it - and the death of a beloved heir had them actively seeking it.

An accord was reached and a peace pledge made; they would unite their bloodlines through marriage and they would gift the newly wedded pair the land between each of their territories, where Yggdrasil - the World Tree - was rumored to reside. Each Jarl would give them a handful of their finest ships, warriors, farmers, and tradesmen to build a new settlement and a strong Clan to call it home.

And in honor of Freya, they would call it Folkvang.


Welcome to VoluspÓ, a PBEM RP set in Norway, during the Viking era. VoluspÓ centers around the newly settled port town of Folkvang and the werewolves and humans who call it home. While there will be plenty of action, a lot of the focus of the game will be on the struggles and group dynamics of two enemy Clans coming together to form a new Clan. To add a bit more intrigue, the game will also introduce a Tribe of Elves from the realm of Alfheim.

VoluspÓ is a brand new game and is currently looking for writers who will be in it for the long haul and who enjoy building plots and relationships. We strive for quality writing and a writing sample will be required. More important than writing skill is a willingness to work well with others and actively participate; collaboration with your fellow writers is a huge part of VoluspÓ. Fair warning, we will not tolerate player drama; if you cannot compromise then please don't bother applying.

This group is rated R for language, violence, and occasional tasteful (and clearly labeled) sexual situations. 18+ Only.

We play on Group.io and have a group chat on Discord for plotting, answering questions, and random shenanigans.

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/voluspa/home?authuser=0
Please check out the Joining guide for help getting started.

If you have any questions please contact the moderators at voluspa+

Don't be shy, we like questions and love helping new people! We look forward to hearing from you.

~Manda & Bethy