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Wed 30 Oct 2019
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Mage the Ascension Game for Players with busy lives
Phoenix Rising is a long running Play-by E-mail Game that looking for new players.

The story so far . . .

The mages of the Phoenix Rising chantry have survived much over the years: the disappearance of their elders, a demon on a murder spree, a Nephandus sworn to destroy them all, a war with the Camarilla, hostilities with a neighboring chantry, plus all of the mundane challenges of life.

Although officially a teaching chantry, Phoenix Risings true mission is to protect Sentia, a node of incredible power that has gain consciousness, from anyone who might discover her existence – friend and foe alike.

The setting . . .

Mage: Phoenix Rising is a World of Darkness that began with Mage 2.0 and has continued through Revised and into Mage20.  The game is designed for people who love to play but also have commitments to work, family, and friends.  The pace tends to be more relaxed.  We ask that players try to post at least once a week, but everyone understands when Real Life slows a player down, and accommodations are always made.

Starting characters are made using WoD rules (7/5/3) and should be either a member of the Traditions or an unaligned Craft.  Of course, mundane humans are always welcomed.  Experience points are awarded at the end of each week assuming at least one post was made during the week.

There is usually an ST generated plot running at any given time, but players are welcome and encouraged to bring their own ideas to the game.

A website to learn more can be found here: https://sites.google.com/site/...xrpg/home?authuser=1

The game started at Yahoo in 2004 but because of recent policy changes has moved to Google Groups

However, if you’re interested in checking out the archives at Yahoo, an invite is always available.

To learn more, please feel free to email Bill (wconnell95 at gmail.com)