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Wed 15 Jan 2020
at 01:33
Building a new rp site
I am building a new rp forum with mechanics based around real life human ability and balanced around naruto (I know that sounds odd, I'll get to that).

The core attributes system is numerically determined based on average human ability. Maxing a stat will put you about the same as someone in the real world who is best at that attribute. For instance, speed is calculated so you reach average at about 50 but then reach Hussein bolt at about 200 (with max being 200).

You can surpass this with other things, but raw stats are based on average human ability.

There will be room for things like knights, samurai, ninja, pirates, there will be chakra, ki, materia (like from final fantasy) and more. But power balance is based on the average power demonstrated in naruto. The strongest people would probably be comparable to pain where as most player characters will probably be more like neji, hinata, konkuro, or the such.

Just enough to feel strong but not world destroyingly strong (sorry guys).

most of the basics are established and the game is just about ready to play. I could use a few mods, or even story tellers, and id like to start recruiting players.

when I figure out how, I plan to change the name.

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