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Mon 20 Jan 2020
at 17:21
The Witcher TRPG on Discord - GM Needed!
Hi RPoL! I'm part of a group of currently 6 players who connected in the hopes of playing R. Talsorian Games' The Witcher TRPG on Discord. The first person who committed to GMing never got back to the original poster after asking him to invite applicants, leaving us high and dry.

The game is written PbP, just like RPoL, so I decided to reach out here in the hopes a challenger may arise.

Nobody has made a final character in case the GM has specific creation requirements, but so far people have professed wanting to play an Elven Craftswoman, a Witcher, a Nobleman of Toussaint, and an Elven Mage. The other two participants are undecided or haven't mentioned their interest to the rest of us.

Our only request is that you be at least 21 years of age to satisfy any given part of the world's standards on mature content, seeing as The Witcher is R-rated by default.

Please RMail me if you're interested so we can talk about the details and ideally get you the Discord link!