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Sat 29 Feb 2020
at 11:24
[Exalted 3e] Kingdom of the Bullgod [Discord/ RPOL]
Hi there.

I am hoping to run some 'pick-up' games of Exalted on a mixture of Discord and RPOL. I assume we'd use RPOL to host sheets, character descriptions, the dice roller etc and play small stories on Discord. I've tried running exalted in pbp format, but it just doesn't work (for me).  I have run Exalted games in the past and played for many, many years.

Why pick-up games, why not a full story with a full circle of exalts?  A good question with a good answer - People fade or ghost, quite often, and smaller stories - solos etc - seem to work well. I'm happy to run these. Also, if there is someone who wants to try STing, I'd love to get some game time in.

Please send me an rMail if you're interested and we can discuss the game from there.

many thanks,