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Thu 30 Apr 2020
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Super DB Universe (PBP RPG)

Hundreds of years have passed since the events that took place on Dragon Ball Universe...

The year is Age 2600,
New warriors have found their stories stamped into legend as the story continues,
Though these stories are no longer there's to tell, for they only exist in the memories of those who know.

 The saiyan race has turned into a group of wandering tribes, their homeland being taken away from the arising tuffles who sought out their revenge! As the saiyan numbered dwindled, as did their powers! The super saiyan transformation once more fell into legend and with no strength to exert, the saiyan's continued living a more restricted life. The remaining saiyan race have found themselves dwelling in the caves of Namek. Meanwhile the tuffles began isolating themselves to the planet that had previously been ruled by the saiyan's, growing in power as they've established quite a large civilization!

On the other end of the universe is the Kold Demon civil war, four factions battling it out to assert dominance and lead their remaining forces though no leader has risen up to guide them through it! As the war rages on, they all wonder who will rise up to unite their forces to become one of the ultimate powers in the universe!

The Namekian's risk war with the saiyan's who have been residing on their planet, though peace was their initial effort the saiyan race has been much too stubborn and slowly began to fall into their old ways, raiding and disrupting the namekian peace to better themselves.

What does Super Dragon Ball Universe offer?

If you participated in Dragon Ball Universe, you would be well aware of the success and the stories told there throughout the years,
Well Super Dragon Ball Universe is a direct sequel to the original and takes place years after the original events unfolded!

Enjoy complete player freedom as you are allowed to create and do anything you can think of within the few limits of the rules.

Decisions you make matter, things you do or say can lead into or connect up to a new saga! Doing enough could even permanently give you a spot on the site's timeline, cementing your character in Super Universes history!

Staff listen to and interact with players, giving an overall more entertaining experience!
A friendly community with a zero-tolerance policy to hatefulness
and so much more...

So Join Today!

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