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Sat 23 May 2020
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Sigmata - Rock & Roll Revolutionary Roboticized 1980s Rebels
S I G M A T A  -  D A R K W A V E

It's a big night in the Big City in the Big Eighties.  The music is still radical.  The fashions still tubular.  The 'portable' phones still really not so portable.

But this is a darkwave reflection of the Eighties you thought you knew.  The Regime is in charge.  You can be stylish but not subversive.  This shadowy 1986 is really 1984.  The Resistance does what it can.  And now there are rumors of a secret Soviet cybernetic soldiers infiltrating the U.S. of A!  Nonsense of course, must be.

In any case, you and yours keep your mohawked heads down.  The cruelty of the Regime is something that, so far, has happened to other people.  And you want to keep it that way.  It isn't that you like the Regime. You hate it.  But better to be a self-hating coward than a dead revolutionary.  And so you work hard to stay unnoticed.  So far, so good...

But tonight...

Tonight is different.  A strange music comes over the radio.  The person you love the most in the world is now covered in a strange kind of lightning.  They are becoming something more and less than human.  The Regime will want to claim such a prize.  The Resistance will want you both to fight.  Either way, you are no longer on the sidelines.

Welcome to the radio-powered robotic revolution!


Hello!  I would like to start a Discord-based game of Sigmata.

Sigmata is a game of revolutionaries fighting a totalitarian Regime in an alternate, dystopian 1980s.  But there is a fantastic twist, a mysterious radio Signal transforms some people listening into Receivers.  Receivers are robots (much like a Terminator) who have great power when the Signal is repeated and lesser abilities otherwise.

The Regime tries to capture and reprogram receivers.  The Resistance tries to recruit them.  I include a good review of the game and setting.


In this game you play two normal humans who are devoted to each other.  One of you changes into a receiver and both of your lives change forever.

If you know Sigmata, this game is a little different from most Sigmata games.  Details to follow.

For now, just message me that you are interested.  I can answer simple questions quickly.  Here is a Google Doc with more info about the game.