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Thu 28 May 2020
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Fate Core Knights Hospitaler Game
Year is 1118AD and Hospitallers are branching their business. Since liberation of the Holy Land in 1099, previously humble Order of Saint John, tasked with caring for the sick at Monastery of Saint John the Baptist, have amassed such resources that they can now maintain a militia to make sure fewer people end up in their hospital. Not only that, they also maintain an orphanage since many children lost one or both parents in recent wars, school for said orphans, library, ambulance... Best of all, since it's obviously inappropriate for a man sworn to celibacy to gaze upon a female patient, physician and teacher positions are available to people of either gender.

This game will be played online live, with first session being played this weekend, either Saturday or Sunday afternoon European time. I now have a Discord account, but I'm still very much a rookie, so whoever can help me out, I'd appreciate. Alternatively, I've used Google Hangouts in the past, so that is an option, too. Other details are also available for discussion, such as if we play game on a map that follow Hospitaller conquests or if the game features supernatural powers.

Character sheet is available at the following link and skill list is included inside.

Unlike other militant orders, Hospitallers allow in all 'free born' Christians not in debt. Lay people serve terms of five years next to monks who took their wows for life. Since members were expected to give even their horse to a sick person returning from Holy Land, Hospitallers became primary an infantry unit. In time Hospitallers have become so invaluable that the Moors offer 1000 gold for any Hospitaller captured alive.

Finally, one other option that we can include are Oculi Dei, nominally servants looking for sick who cannot call reach the hospital on their own, they have evolved into an espionage service in their own right. They seek secrets that only humble Hospitallers can address.

Any questions should be directed to me on rMail or contact me on Facebook here: