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Thu 13 Aug 2020
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The Dungeon Book on Rolz.org: Old School Dungeon Crawling
In an age now undreamed of by man, lies THE DUNGEON BOOK

Remember those old games of wondrous adventure, way back when, decades ago? Come crawl with us, using characters with our without numbered ability scores find a way to push through a dungeon of the imagination!

Not just hack and slash, nor a profound milieu of rules or restrictions; THE DUNGEON BOOK strives to bring back the nostalgic days of a dungeon crawl through collaborative fiction. Come explore with us.

Very experienced GM- willing to run various rule-sets. These include: Risus, FUDGE, FU, one pot rpg, world of Dungeons, and Tunnels and Trolls; among others (just about anything that is fantasy rules-light). I plan on running both play by post and using the very good dice rooms as chat.

Let me know if you are interested and what rules interest you, either rmail me or contact me on the site:

The Dungeon Book on Rolz.org

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