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Sun 20 Sep 2020
at 23:30
Roleplay Meets: Reborn.
Come on in, we’re here to help! Are you looking for new partners? Do you need help improving your writing, refining your plots, or expanding upon your characters? RMR is the welcoming light that shines the way in your roleplay search!

We offer a wide variety of services to help you. Everything from roleplay search channels, roleplay help channels, to a friendly and active community who are always welcoming of newcomers. We account for every skill group here - be it new users trying to get into roleplaying to people who have been roleplaying for decades, from wholesome vanilla beans to extreme kinksters.

We are always looking for new server partners to expand our partner network. Even if your server is brand new we will help you get the word out!

Must be Over 18 to Enter!
➣ We check.
Over 2500 Members!
➣ With so many eager roleplayers, how could you not find the perfect partner?
Roleplay Roulette!
➣ Come get paired up with a random partner and receive a prompt based on your shared interests!
Fuck Yeah Roleplay Advice!
➣ We have joined forces with FYRA in order to offer you the best roleplay resources imaginable.
Level 3 Discord Server!
➣ Provided by our amazing boosters! We could never thank them enough!
Search Rooms Galore!
➣ Place an ad in one of the various search rooms and put your roleplay profile on display in open search! With a wide range of search rooms there’s a place for nearly every plot and idea.
NSFW Rooms!
➣ We offer a broad range of NSFW rooms, daily kinks and our own special section named After Dark: an exclusive section for some of the more extreme kinks!
Here To Stay!
➣ RMR has been on Discord for almost three years now.
Join us, invite your friends, and make some new ones!
➣ Discord Link: https://discord.gg/roleplaymeetsreborn