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Fri 23 Oct 2020
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The House of Magi (Group Fantasy Discord Server)

The House of Magi is a mysterious manor in the midst of time & space, full of magic, fantasy, romance, sci-fi, adventure, slice-of-life, fun, & more.
We welcome all player types from semi-literate to literate into our relaxed group.
Link and starting the rules below.
We hope you join us on this adventure!


。・:・゚★,。・:~:・゚☆ Welcome to the House of Magi ☆・゚:~:・。,★・゚:・。:

As you are walking through a thick forest you have come to the conclusion that you are lost. It feels as if you are walking around in circles and the sun has already set. A full, silver moon barely lights the floor of the forest through the thick trees. Just when you are about to give up you see light just beyond the trees and a path comes into view leading to a large, pitch-black metal gate with glowing white roses climbing up the metal as well as the stone walls.

As you approach the gates slowly creek open and you can make out a manor in the distance with lights on. A young girl with dark hair and fair skin approaches you, she is dressed in a simple white gown. She smiles faintly at you, "Welcome to the House of Magi, a mysterious manor hidden away in the middle of an enchanted forest. Here you are free to be yourself, in a place where magic flows freely. The reason as to why you are here is not important, only that you are here... Please... Come stay with us!" she says with a smile as she holds out her hand for you to take...

As you take the girl's hand you feel a sense of relief and calm rush over you. You follow her down the stone road, with white rose bushes lining either side of the stone pathway you get a better view of the manor. In front is a rather good-sized water fountain with what appears to be a marble phoenix on top. The manor itself looks rather old, yet well kept along the outside. It appears to be four stories high and rather quaint in size.

Once you reach the stairs you are lead up to the front double doors. You are greeted with the wondrous sound of music and hit with a mouth-watering aroma of food as the doors open. "Welcome to the House of Magi," she says softly behind you. You turn to thank the girl for her hospitality, but come to the realization that you are now standing alone outside the beautiful manor filled with magic and wonder. You turn your attention to the warm, welcoming entrance and head inside...


Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/9DXX2Q6



1. Must follow all the rules listed within the server.

2. Must have a character in mind you want for your main character. (You may have up to five).

3. Must have a reason thought out for why your character has arrived at the manor. (Injured, runaway, etc. You may use the bot commands in the server to look for a list of reasons for being there for inspiration.)

4. Must be semi-literate to literate. (Basically no text talk, not expecting paragraphs after paragraphs but just normal sentences.)

5. Have fun and feel free to ask any question to me if you don't understand something.