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12:13, 23rd June 2024 (GMT+0)

Female seeking multiple writing partners [SL]

Posted by savvykatt11
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Thu 6 May 2021
at 21:09
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Female seeking multiple writing partners [SL]

I'm seeking people to play family in a dark RP sim in Second Life. I'd prefer two men and one female. These would not be siblings who were raised together, so I'm not opposed to some sexual elements to the relationship. My character is from Michigan and went to Hathian, La., in pursuit of answers to her brother’s death. There, she found a half sister that was the result of her dad cheating on her mom.

The siblings I am posting about would be half siblings, a second family that my character’s mom had in secret. I’m literally open to anything you’d want to play, and I would help you get started in the community as well. My character is innocent, naive, and submissive, so there is a lot of room for character corruption. My only limits are no death or permanent disfiguration.

Second Life (secondlife dot com) requires some technical abilities, but if you can handle an Xbox/PS, then you can probably handle SL. The name of the dark RP sim is Crack Den (thecrackden dot com). There is no cost to participate, so I don't know why mods deleted an earlier post. Most people spend money to fix up their avies, but this is not a requirement.

Ideally, we'd RP at least three times a week. I'm looking for someone who isn't a jerk OOCly. Mainly because it’s a lot more fun to rp with nice people. I would also require someone skilled at keeping IC and OOC separate and someone who is able to accept the consequences of his/her RP. Ie, if you rape someone, expect that someone will come after you. CD is a thriving community, and people who strive to be a part of that community tend to get more RP.

I would not ask for any limitations on what my RP partner plays. If you're interested in what my character looks like, my Flickr is
I do not care if you or your character are LGBTQ. I also don't care if you're male playing female, or vice versa.
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