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Tue 11 May 2021
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Forsilvra - original medieval fantasy PbP
The Kingdoms of Forsilvra: Demere, Osterland, and Vaelyndria, long divided by blood, pride and history. In Azathoth's dream world, winds of change on are on the horizon. The Old Gods under the sea stir in their sleep and the Dragons of the West are said to prey upon an unsuspecting land. As the Kingdoms emerge from the Dark Ages of raiding and warfare, new friendships are made, while old enemies are tested. Be you a courtly knight, elaborate schemer, debutante or bloody warrior? In this world of intrigue, diplomacy, war, mystery and conspiracy, where will you make your stand?

Game Details:

Format: Messageboard //Vbulletin Software (no ads!)
Genre: Original Medieval Fantasy
Age Limit: 18+
Contact: discord Mint#3740 (ask for Site Discord Server Link)

What we offer:
- An rpg with only original characters
- An original world that gives you flexibility to create low-fantasy as you want it.
- Ability to create your own noble house with backstory, or simply join someone else's
- Secret plot points known only by you, the staff, and those you choose to tell, revealed to others during rp
- 100+ characters and plenty of opportunity to get involved.
- Loosely inspired by GRR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire

What we expect:
- Members to read the information provided before making a character
- Members to understand the politics and current events that have happened in game
- Members to realize this is an advanced and mature game, with mature themes

Site link: