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Thu 11 Nov 2021
at 13:22
Twilight 2000 4th Ed game seeking players - UK time zone

Hi there. I am planning on starting a game of Twilight 2000 using the recently released 4th Edition rules and Iím looking to recruit a couple of additional players. It will be a military based campaign where, at the game start, the PCs will be serving NATO soldiers stuck behind enemy lines in Poland. It will also be a plot driven rather than a hex crawl campaign, starting with escape and evasion from the periphery of the Battle of Kalisz before revolving around the PCs attempts to return home.

The sessions will be on alternate Thursday evenings from 19:30 to 21:30 GMT and I will be using Roll20 as a VTT. I also plan to eventually record the sessions and upload them to YouTube so players need to be comfortable with that. No previous experience of Twilight 2000, ownership of the 4th edition rules or any military knowledge is required, just an interest in playing a post-apocalypse campaign in a military setting.

If you are interested in knowing more, or have any questions, then please rMail me and we can chat further.

Thanks for reading.