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Posted by Larson Gates
Larson Gates
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Wed 23 Mar 2022
at 10:55
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This is a 3 part post...

All Topics relate to my "Adventures in RolePlay" Introduction to Amber campaign.. or reruns there of..

If you want the basic premise then my website is the best bet for both this and the Amber rules (based on the Netbook of Amber) I use

I should point out that this campaign is very much aimed at new players to both the Diceless and Amber genres.
If you are a massive fan of the books/genre then you need to forget everything you think you may know.
If you know nothing of Amber but want a heavy RP game without a combat focus then this may just be for you.
The starting point is with the characters knowing nothing of anything Amber or Shadow, and learning both how to use any powers (at least the True powers like Pattern) they have and all of the lore relating to the Amber setting.

Basically take an average 21st century person and tell them that everything they thought they knew about life, the universe, and everything, is hogwash, and reality is something completely different.

So now the main elements

1)I have been running a PBP game on RPGCrossing for about a year now but have recently lost a swathe of my players due to IRL issues. If you're potentially interested in taking over one of the characters then head over an drop me a message in-game. Taking over a character will entail a swathe of reading and catching up.

2)I am potentially trying to setup an online(Discord) rerun. If you're potentially interested in this then head over to reddit/LFG_Europe and either find my post or join the Discord LFG_Europe server. This will be a evening GMT time based campaign.

3)If there is enough interest, I need between 5 and 7 players to make this work, I would potentially consider a new PBP version (scratch restart) here on RPoL..
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