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16:51, 15th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Hackmaster 5e – Myth Weaver.

Posted by Balthazar
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Sun 10 Apr 2022
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Hackmaster 5e – Myth Weaver

I am in a game with a good GM and 3 good players. The GM is looking for 1–2 players. One needs to be a Ranger.  We currently have a Dwarven Battle Cleric, a Human fighter, and an Elven Mage/Thief.

GM's ad:

This game is set in the Forgotten Realms setting many, many years after the most recent DR Reckoning as found in the popular novels. Many place names and deific nomers have evolved into those found in the Hackmaster PHB for the Tellene setting.

Chronicles of Sorcery & Steel takes characters from 1st level and follows their exploits of intrigue, battle, exploration, and industry through 36th level and beyond to 10 levels of Savant, then 10 levels of Ascendant, then (optionally) Minor Deity. The flavor is very much OD&D, but most of the rules take inspiration from Hackmaster. All stats (not just Strength) have a fractional component and all stats improve (at least fractionally, and sometimes by a whole integer) per level. There are no dump stats.

Posting frequency is daily. You have two weeks (i.e., 14 days) of vacation from game annually. Use them when you need to; any other absences (failure to post daily) results in your character dying, cursed by the gods. Day 14 of vacation, all good. Day 15 absence, dead.

Build skills, collect wealth, construct networks, garner allies, defeat monsters, raise armies, construct strongholds, explore ancient temples, invent new magicks, accrue hirelings and henchmen, blaze a trail across new frontiers, start settlements and establish governments and economies.

Achieved level 36? Ascend to the next level of existence, but not before bequeathing a follower, sidekick, or protege a powerful item and legacy power.

You will begin little better in skills or wealth than a commoner, but at high levels you may ride dragons, defeat demons, and treat with the gods.

Game location:

Edit: This game is fast paced.  We started at 0 xp and most are already 3rd level with 300+ IC posts, 170+ combat thread posts and the game has only been running for 16 days but only 11 days of game play (5 days of character creation).

Our current party Makeup is:

Xavamros Battlebeard a 3rd level Dwarven Cleric

Mhoram Variol-son a 3rd level Elven Mage/Thief

Brandolin Braveless a 3rd level Human Fighter

Beorn Stelgaard a 2nd level Human Ranger

With 36 years of RPG experience with 25+ here on RPOL I have to say the GM is probably the best I have had the opportunity to game with.

If you are looking for an active game with dedicated players and a top notch GM please pop over and at least have a look.  You owe it to yourself to get in on a game of this caliber.

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